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1 Chronicles 26


1  Concerning the divisions4256 of the porters:7778 Of the Korhites7145 was Meshelemiah4920 the son1121 of Kore,6981 of4480 the sons1121 of Asaph.623

2  And the sons1121 of Meshelemiah4920 were, Zechariah2148 the firstborn,1060 Jediael3043 the second,8145 Zebadiah2069 the third,7992 Jathniel3496 the fourth,7243

3  Elam5867 the fifth,2549 Jehohanan3076 the sixth,8345 Elioenai454 the seventh.7637

4  Moreover the sons1121 of Obed-edom5654 were, Shemaiah8098 the firstborn,1060 Jehozabad3075 the second,8145 Joah3098 the third,7992 and Sacar7940 the fourth,7243 and Nethaneel5417 the fifth,2549

5  Ammiel5988 the sixth,8345 Issachar3485 the seventh,7637 Peulthai6469 the eighth:8066 for3588 God430 blessed1288 him.

6  Also unto Shemaiah8098 his son1121 were sons1121 born,3205 that ruled4474 throughout the house1004 of their father:1 for3588 they1992 were mighty men1368 of valor.2428

7  The sons1121 of Shemaiah;8098 Othni,6273 and Rephael,7501 and Obed,5744 Elzabad,443 whose brethren251 were strong men,1121 2428 Elihu,453 and Semachiah.5565

8  All3605 these428 of the sons4480 1121 of Obed-edom:5654 they1992 and their sons1121 and their brethren,251 able2428 men376 for strength3581 for the service,5656 were threescore8346 and two8147 of Obed-edom.5654

9  And Meshelemiah4920 had sons1121 and brethren,251 strong men,1121 2428 eighteen.8083 6240

10  Also Hosah,2621 of4480 the children1121 of Merari,4847 had sons;1121 Simri8113 the chief,7218 (for3588 though he was1961 not3808 the firstborn,1060 yet his father1 made7760 him the chief;)7218

11  Hilkiah2518 the second,8145 Tebaliah2882 the third,7992 Zechariah2148 the fourth:7243 all3605 the sons1121 and brethren251 of Hosah2621 were thirteen.7969 6240

12  Among these428 were the divisions4256 of the porters,7778 even among the chief7218 men,1397 having wards4931 one against another,5980 251 to minister8334 in the house1004 of the LORD.3068

13  And they cast5307 lots,1486 as well the small6996 as the great,1419 according to the house1004 of their fathers,1 for every gate.8179 8179

14  And the lot1486 eastward4217 fell5307 to Shelemiah.8018 Then for Zechariah2148 his son,1121 a wise7922 counselor,3289 they cast5307 lots;1486 and his lot1486 came out3318 northward.6828

15  To Obed-edom5654 southward;5045 and to his sons1121 the house1004 of Asuppim.624

16  To Shuppim8206 and Hosah2621 the lot came forth westward,4628 with5973 the gate8179 Shallecheth,7996 by the causeway4546 of the going up,5927 ward4929 against5980 ward.4929

17  Eastward4217 were six8337 Levites,3881 northward6828 four702 a day,3117 southward5045 four702 a day,3117 and toward Asuppim624 two8147 and two.8147

18  At Parbar6503 westward,4628 four702 at the causeway,4546 and two8147 at Parbar.6503

19  These428 are the divisions4256 of the porters7778 among the sons1121 of Kore,7145 and among the sons1121 of Merari.4847

20  And of the Levites,3881 Ahijah281 was over5921 the treasures214 of the house1004 of God,430 and over the treasures214 of the dedicated things.6944

21  As concerning the sons1121 of Laadan;3936 the sons1121 of the Gershonite1649 Laadan,3936 chief7218 fathers,1 even of Laadan3936 the Gershonite,1649 were Jehieli.3172

22  The sons1121 of Jehieli;3172 Zetham,2241 and Joel3100 his brother,251 which were over5921 the treasures214 of the house1004 of the LORD.3068

23  Of the Amramites,6020 and the Izharites,3325 the Hebronites,2276 and the Uzzielites:5817

24  And Shebuel7619 the son1121 of Gershom,1648 the son1121 of Moses,4872 was ruler5057 of5921 the treasures.214

25  And his brethren251 by Eliezer;461 Rehabiah7345 his son,1121 and Jeshaiah3470 his son,1121 and Joram3141 his son,1121 and Zichri2147 his son,1121 and Shelomith8013 his son.1121

26  Which1931 Shelomith8013 and his brethren251 were over5921 all3605 the treasures214 of the dedicated things,6944 which834 David1732 the king,4428 and the chief7218 fathers,1 the captains8269 over thousands505 and hundreds,3967 and the captains8269 of the host,6635 had dedicated.6942

27  Out of4480 the spoils7998 won in4480 battles4421 did they dedicate6942 to maintain2388 the house1004 of the LORD.3068

28  And all3605 that Samuel8050 the seer,7203 and Saul7586 the son1121 of Kish,7027 and Abner74 the son1121 of Ner,5369 and Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah,6870 had dedicated;6942 and whosoever3605 had dedicated6942 any thing, it was under5921 the hand3027 of Shelomith,8019 and of his brethren.251

29  Of the Izharites,3325 Chenaniah3663 and his sons1121 were for the outward2435 business4399 over5921 Israel,3478 for officers7860 and judges.8199

30  And of the Hebronites,2276 Hashabiah2811 and his brethren,251 men of valor,1121 2428 a thousand505 and seven7651 hundred,3967 were officers6486 among5921 them of Israel3478 on this side4480 5676 Jordan3383 westward4628 in all3605 the business4399 of the LORD,3068 and in the service5656 of the king.4428

31  Among the Hebronites2276 was Jerijah3404 the chief,7218 even among the Hebronites,2276 according to the generations8435 of his fathers.1 In the fortieth705 year8141 of the reign4438 of David1732 they were sought for,1875 and there were found4672 among them mighty men1368 of valor2428 at Jazer3270 of Gilead.1568

32  And his brethren,251 men1121 of valor,2428 were two thousand505 and seven7651 hundred3967 chief7218 fathers,1 whom king4428 David1732 made rulers6485 over5921 the Reubenites,7206 the Gadites,1425 and the half2677 tribe7626 of Manasseh,4520 for every3605 matter1697 pertaining to God,430 and affairs1697 of the king.4428


1 εἰς διαιρέσεις τῶν πυλῶν υἱοῖς Κορεϊμ Μοσολλαμια υἱὸς Κωρη ἐκ τῶν υἱῶν Αβιασαφ

2 καὶ τῷ Μοσολλαμια υἱοί Ζαχαριας ὁ πρωτότοκος Ιδιηλ ὁ δεύτερος Ζαβαδιας ὁ τρίτος Ιεθνουηλ ὁ τέταρτος

3 Ωλαμ ὁ πέμπτος Ιωαναν ὁ ἕκτος Ελιωηναι ὁ ἕβδομος

4 καὶ τῷ Αβδεδομ υἱοί Σαμαιας ὁ πρωτότοκος Ιωζαβαδ ὁ δεύτερος Ιωαα ὁ τρίτος Σωχαρ ὁ τέταρτος Ναθαναηλ ὁ πέμπτος

5 Αμιηλ ὁ ἕκτος Ισσαχαρ ὁ ἕβδομος Φολλαθι ὁ ὄγδοος ὅτι εὐλόγησεν αὐτὸν ὁ θεός

6 καὶ τῷ Σαμαια υἱῷ αὐτοῦ ἐτέχθησαν υἱοὶ τοῦ πρωτοτόκου Ρωσαι εἰς τὸν οἶκον τὸν πατρικὸν αὐτοῦ ὅτι δυνατοὶ ἦσαν

7 υἱοὶ Σαμαια Γοθνι καὶ Ραφαηλ καὶ Ωβηδ καὶ Ελζαβαδ καὶ Αχιου υἱοὶ δυνατοί Ελιου καὶ Σαβχια καὶ Ισβακωμ

8 πάντες ἀπὸ τῶν υἱῶν Αβδεδομ αὐτοὶ καὶ οἱ ἀδελφοὶ αὐτῶν καὶ υἱοὶ αὐτῶν ποιοῦντες δυνατῶς ἐν τῇ ἐργασίᾳ οἱ πάντες ἑξήκοντα δύο τῷ Αβδεδομ

9 καὶ τῷ Μοσολλαμια υἱοὶ καὶ ἀδελφοὶ δέκα καὶ ὀκτὼ δυνατοί

10 καὶ τῷ Ωσα τῶν υἱῶν Μεραρι υἱοὶ φυλάσσοντες τὴν ἀρχήν ὅτι οὐκ ἦν πρωτότοκος καὶ ἐποίησεν αὐτὸν ὁ πατὴρ αὐτοῦ ἄρχοντα

11 τῆς διαιρέσεως τῆς δευτέρας Ταβλαι ὁ τρίτος Ζαχαριας ὁ τέταρτος πάντες οὗτοι υἱοὶ καὶ ἀδελφοὶ τῷ Ωσα τρισκαίδεκα

12 τούτοις αἱ διαιρέσεις τῶν πυλῶν τοῖς ἄρχουσι τῶν δυνατῶν ἐφημερίαι καθὼς οἱ ἀδελφοὶ αὐτῶν λειτουργεῖν ἐν οἴκῳ κυρίου

13 καὶ ἔβαλον κλήρους κατὰ τὸν μικρὸν καὶ κατὰ τὸν μέγαν κατ᾽ οἴκους πατριῶν αὐτῶν εἰς πυλῶνα καὶ πυλῶνα

14 καὶ ἔπεσεν ὁ κλῆρος τῶν πρὸς ἀνατολὰς τῷ Σαλαμια καὶ Ζαχαρια υἱοὶ Ιωας τῷ Μελχια ἔβαλον κλήρους καὶ ἐξῆλθεν ὁ κλῆρος βορρᾶ

15 τῷ Αβδεδομ νότον κατέναντι οἴκου εσεφιν

16 εἰς δεύτερον τῷ Ωσα πρὸς δυσμαῖς μετὰ τὴν πύλην παστοφορίου τῆς ἀναβάσεως φυλακὴ κατέναντι φυλακῆς

17 πρὸς ἀνατολὰς ἓξ τὴν ἡμέραν βορρᾶ τῆς ἡμέρας τέσσαρες νότον τῆς ἡμέρας τέσσαρες καὶ εἰς τὸ εσεφιν δύο

18 εἰς διαδεχομένους καὶ πρὸς δυσμαῖς τέσσαρες καὶ εἰς τὸν τρίβον δύο διαδεχομένους

19 αὗται αἱ διαιρέσεις τῶν πυλωρῶν τοῖς υἱοῖς Κορε καὶ τοῖς υἱοῖς Μεραρι

20 καὶ οἱ Λευῖται ἀδελφοὶ αὐτῶν ἐπὶ τῶν θησαυρῶν οἴκου κυρίου καὶ ἐπὶ τῶν θησαυρῶν τῶν καθηγιασμένων

21 υἱοὶ Λαδαν υἱοὶ τῷ Γηρσωνι τῷ Λαδαν ἄρχοντες πατριῶν τῷ Λαδαν τῷ Γηρσωνι Ιιηλ

22 καὶ υἱοὶ Ιιηλ Ζεθομ καὶ Ιωηλ οἱ ἀδελφοὶ ἐπὶ τῶν θησαυρῶν οἴκου κυρίου

23 τῷ Αμβραμ καὶ Ισσααρ Χεβρων καὶ Οζιηλ

24 καὶ Σουβαηλ ὁ τοῦ Γηρσαμ τοῦ Μωυσῆ ἡγούμενος ἐπὶ τῶν θησαυρῶν

25 καὶ τῷ ἀδελφῷ αὐτοῦ τῷ Ελιεζερ Ρααβιας υἱὸς καὶ Ιωσαιας καὶ Ιωραμ καὶ Ζεχρι καὶ Σαλωμωθ

26 αὐτὸς Σαλωμωθ καὶ οἱ ἀδελφοὶ αὐτοῦ ἐπὶ πάντων τῶν θησαυρῶν τῶν ἁγίων οὓς ἡγίασεν Δαυιδ ὁ βασιλεὺς καὶ οἱ ἄρχοντες τῶν πατριῶν χιλίαρχοι καὶ ἑκατόνταρχοι καὶ ἀρχηγοὶ τῆς δυνάμεως

27 ἃ ἔλαβεν ἐκ τῶν πολέμων καὶ ἐκ τῶν λαφύρων καὶ ἡγίασεν ἀπ᾽ αὐτῶν τοῦ μὴ καθυστερῆσαι τὴν οἰκοδομὴν τοῦ οἴκου τοῦ θεοῦ

28 καὶ ἐπὶ πάντων τῶν ἁγίων Σαμουηλ τοῦ προφήτου καὶ Σαουλ τοῦ Κις καὶ Αβεννηρ τοῦ Νηρ καὶ Ιωαβ τοῦ Σαρουια πᾶν ὃ ἡγίασαν διὰ χειρὸς Σαλωμωθ καὶ τῶν ἀδελφῶν αὐτοῦ

29 τῷ Ισσαρι Χωνενια καὶ υἱοὶ αὐτοῦ τῆς ἐργασίας τῆς ἔξω ἐπὶ τὸν Ισραηλ τοῦ γραμματεύειν καὶ διακρίνειν

30 τῷ Χεβρωνι Ασαβιας καὶ οἱ ἀδελφοὶ αὐτοῦ υἱοὶ δυνατοί χίλιοι καὶ ἑπτακόσιοι ἐπὶ τῆς ἐπισκέψεως τοῦ Ισραηλ πέραν τοῦ Ιορδάνου πρὸς δυσμαῖς εἰς πᾶσαν λειτουργίαν κυρίου καὶ ἐργασίαν τοῦ βασιλέως

31 τοῦ Χεβρωνι Ιουδιας ὁ ἄρχων τῶν Χεβρωνι κατὰ γενέσεις αὐτῶν κατὰ πατριάς ἐν τῷ τεσσαρακοστῷ ἔτει τῆς βασιλείας αὐτοῦ ἐπεσκέπησαν καὶ εὑρέθη ἀνὴρ δυνατὸς ἐν αὐτοῖς ἐν Ιαζηρ τῆς Γαλααδίτιδος

32 καὶ οἱ ἀδελφοὶ αὐτοῦ υἱοὶ δυνατοί δισχίλιοι ἑπτακόσιοι ἄρχοντες πατριῶν καὶ κατέστησεν αὐτοὺς Δαυιδ ὁ βασιλεὺς ἐπὶ τοῦ Ρουβηνι καὶ Γαδδι καὶ ἡμίσους φυλῆς Μανασση εἰς πᾶν πρόσταγμα κυρίου καὶ λόγον βασιλέως


‎1 ‏לְמַחְלְק֖וֹת לְשֹׁעֲרִ֑ים לַקָּרְחִ֕ים מְשֶֽׁלֶמְיָ֥הוּ בֶן־קֹרֵ֖א מִן־בְּנֵ֥י אָסָֽף׃

‎2 ‏וְלִמְשֶֽׁלֶמְיָ֖הוּ בָּנִ֑ים זְכַרְיָ֤הוּ הַבְּכוֹר֙ יְדִֽיעֲאֵ֣ל הַשֵּׁנִ֔י זְבַדְיָ֙הוּ֙ הַשְּׁלִישִׁ֔י יַתְנִיאֵ֖ל הָרְבִיעִֽי׃

‎3 ‏עֵילָ֤ם הַחֲמִישִׁי֙ יְהוֹחָנָ֣ן הַשִּׁשִּׁ֔י אֶלְיְהוֹעֵינַ֖י הַשְּׁבִיעִֽי׃

‎4 ‏וּלְעֹבֵ֥ד אֱדֹ֖ם בָּנִ֑ים שְׁמַֽעְיָ֤ה הַבְּכוֹר֙ יְהוֹזָבָ֣ד הַשֵּׁנִ֔י יוֹאָ֤ח הַשְּׁלִשִׁי֙ וְשָׂכָ֣ר הָרְבִיעִ֔י וּנְתַנְאֵ֖ל הַחֲמִישִֽׁי׃

‎5 ‏עַמִּיאֵ֤ל הַשִּׁשִּׁי֙ יִשָׂשכָ֣ר הַשְּׁבִיעִ֔י פְּעֻלְּתַ֖י הַשְּׁמִינִ֑י כִּ֥י בֵרֲכ֖וֹ אֱלֹהִֽים׃ פ

‎6 ‏וְלִֽשְׁמַֽעְיָ֤ה בְנוֹ֙ נוֹלַ֣ד בָּנִ֔ים הַמִּמְשָׁלִ֖ים לְבֵ֣ית אֲבִיהֶ֑ם כִּֽי־גִבּ֥וֹרֵי חַ֖יִל הֵֽמָּה׃

‎7 ‏בְּנֵ֣י שְׁמַֽעְיָ֗ה עָ֠תְנִי וּרְפָאֵ֨ל וְעוֹבֵ֧ד אֶלְזָבָ֛ד אֶחָ֖יו בְּנֵי־חָ֑יִל אֱלִיה֖וּ וּסְמַכְיָֽהוּ׃

‎8 ‏כָּל־אֵ֜לֶּה מִבְּנֵ֣י׀ עֹבֵ֣ד אֱדֹ֗ם הֵ֤מָּה וּבְנֵיהֶם֙ וַאֲחֵיהֶ֔ם אִֽישׁ־חַ֥יִל בַּכֹּ֖חַ לַעֲבֹדָ֑ה שִׁשִּׁ֥ים וּשְׁנַ֖יִם לְעֹבֵ֥ד אֱדֹֽם׃

‎9 ‏וְלִמְשֶֽׁלֶמְיָ֗הוּ בָּנִ֧ים וְאַחִ֛ים בְּנֵי־חָ֖יִל שְׁמוֹנָ֥ה עָשָֽׂר׃ ס

‎10 ‏וּלְחֹסָ֥ה מִן־בְּנֵי־מְרָרִ֖י בָּנִ֑ים שִׁמְרִ֤י הָרֹאשׁ֙ כִּ֣י לֹא־הָיָ֣ה בְכ֔וֹר וַיְשִׂימֵ֥הוּ אָבִ֖יהוּ לְרֹֽאשׁ׃

‎11 ‏חִלְקִיָּ֤הוּ הַשֵּׁנִי֙ טְבַלְיָ֣הוּ הַשְּׁלִשִׁ֔י זְכַרְיָ֖הוּ הָרְבִעִ֑י כָּל־בָּנִ֧ים וְאַחִ֛ים לְחֹסָ֖ה שְׁלֹשָׁ֥ה עָשָֽׂר׃

‎12 ‏לְ֠אֵלֶּה מַחְלְק֨וֹת הַשֹּֽׁעֲרִ֜ים לְרָאשֵׁ֧י הַגְּבָרִ֛ים מִשְׁמָר֖וֹת לְעֻמַּ֣ת אֲחֵיהֶ֑ם לְשָׁרֵ֖ת בְּבֵ֥ית יְהוָֽה׃

‎13 ‏וַיַּפִּ֨ילוּ גוֹרָל֜וֹת כַּקָּטֹ֧ן כַּגָּד֛וֹל לְבֵ֥ית אֲבוֹתָ֖ם לְשַׁ֥עַר וָשָֽׁעַר׃ פ

‎14 ‏וַיִּפֹּ֧ל הַגּוֹרָ֛ל מִזְרָ֖חָה לְשֶֽׁלֶמְיָ֑הוּ וּזְכַרְיָ֨הוּ בְנ֜וֹ יוֹעֵ֣ץ׀ בְּשֶׂ֗כֶל הִפִּ֙ילוּ֙ גּֽוֹרָל֔וֹת וַיֵּצֵ֥א גוֹרָל֖וֹ צָפֽוֹנָה׃ ס

‎15 ‏לְעֹבֵ֥ד אֱדֹ֖ם נֶ֑גְבָּה וּלְבָנָ֖יו בֵּ֥ית הָאֲסֻפִּֽים׃

‎16 ‏לְשֻׁפִּ֤ים וּלְחֹסָה֙ לַֽמַּעֲרָ֔ב עִ֚ם שַׁ֣עַר שַׁלֶּ֔כֶת בַּֽמְסִלָּ֖ה הָעוֹלָ֑ה מִשְׁמָ֖ר לְעֻמַּ֥ת מִשְׁמָֽר׃

‎17 ‏לַמִּזְרָח֮ הַלְוִיִּ֣ם שִׁשָּׁה֒ לַצָּפ֤וֹנָה לַיּוֹם֙ אַרְבָּעָ֔ה לַנֶּ֥גְבָּה לַיּ֖וֹם אַרְבָּעָ֑ה וְלָאֲסֻפִּ֖ים שְׁנַ֥יִם שְׁנָֽיִם׃

‎18 ‏לַפַּרְבָּ֖ר לַֽמַּעֲרָ֑ב אַרְבָּעָה֙ לַֽמְסִלָּ֔ה שְׁנַ֖יִם לַפַּרְבָּֽר׃

‎19 ‏אֵ֗לֶּה מַחְלְקוֹת֙ הַשֹּׁ֣עֲרִ֔ים לִבְנֵ֥י הַקָּרְחִ֖י וְלִבְנֵ֥י מְרָרִֽי׃

‎20 ‏וְֽהַלְוִיִּ֑ם אֲחִיָּ֗ה עַל־אֽוֹצְרוֹת֙ בֵּ֣ית הָאֱלֹהִ֔ים וּלְאֹֽצְר֖וֹת הַקֳּדָשִֽׁים׃

‎21 ‏בְּנֵ֣י לַ֠עְדָּן בְּנֵ֨י הַגֵּרְשֻׁנִּ֜י לְלַעְדָּ֗ן רָאשֵׁ֧י הָאָב֛וֹת לְלַעְדָּ֥ן הַגֵּרְשֻׁנִּ֖י יְחִיאֵלִֽי׃

‎22 ‏בְּנֵ֖י יְחִֽיאֵלִ֑י זֵתָם֙ וְיוֹאֵ֣ל אָחִ֔יו עַל־אֹצְר֖וֹת בֵּ֥ית יְהוָֽה׃

‎23 ‏לַֽעַמְרָמִי֙ לַיִּצְהָרִ֔י לַֽחֶבְרוֹנִ֖י לָֽעָזִּיאֵלִֽי׃

‎24 ‏וּשְׁבֻאֵל֙ בֶּן־גֵּרְשׁ֣וֹם בֶּן־מֹשֶׁ֔ה נָגִ֖יד עַל־הָאֹצָרֽוֹת׃

‎25 ‏וְאֶחָ֖יו לֶֽאֱלִיעֶ֑זֶר רְחַבְיָ֨הוּ בְנ֜וֹ וִֽישַׁעְיָ֤הוּ בְנוֹ֙ וְיֹרָ֣ם בְּנ֔וֹ וְזִכְרִ֥י בְנ֖וֹ ושלמות וּשְׁלֹמִ֥ית בְּנֽוֹ׃

‎26 ‏ה֧וּא שְׁלֹמ֣וֹת וְאֶחָ֗יו עַ֣ל כָּל־אֹצְר֤וֹת הַקֳּדָשִׁים֙ אֲשֶׁ֨ר הִקְדִּ֜ישׁ דָּוִ֣יד הַמֶּ֗לֶךְ וְרָאשֵׁ֧י הָאָב֛וֹת לְשָׂרֵֽי־הָאֲלָפִ֥ים וְהַמֵּא֖וֹת וְשָׂרֵ֥י הַצָּבָֽא׃

‎27 ‏מִן־הַמִּלְחָמ֥וֹת וּמִן־הַשָּׁלָ֖ל הִקְדִּ֑ישׁוּ לְחַזֵּ֖ק לְבֵ֥ית יְהוָֽה׃

‎28 ‏וְכֹ֨ל הַֽהִקְדִּ֜ישׁ שְׁמוּאֵ֤ל הָרֹאֶה֙ וְשָׁא֣וּל בֶּן־קִ֔ישׁ וְאַבְנֵ֣ר בֶּן־נֵ֔ר וְיוֹאָ֖ב בֶּן־צְרוּיָ֑ה כֹּ֚ל הַמַּקְדִּ֔ישׁ עַ֥ל יַד־שְׁלֹמִ֖ית וְאֶחָֽיו׃ פ

‎29 ‏לַיִּצְהָרִ֞י כְּנַנְיָ֣הוּ וּבָנָ֗יו לַמְּלָאכָ֤ה הַחִֽיצוֹנָה֙ עַל־יִשְׂרָאֵ֔ל לְשֹׁטְרִ֖ים וּלְשֹׁפְטִֽים׃

‎30 ‏לַֽחֶבְרוֹנִ֡י חֲשַׁבְיָהוּ֩ וְאֶחָ֨יו בְּנֵי־חַ֜יִל אֶ֣לֶף וּשְׁבַע־מֵא֗וֹת עַ֚ל פְּקֻדַּ֣ת יִשְׂרָאֵ֔ל מֵעֵ֥בֶר לַיַּרְדֵּ֖ן מַעְרָ֑בָה לְכֹל֙ מְלֶ֣אכֶת יְהוָ֔ה וְלַעֲבֹדַ֖ת הַמֶּֽלֶךְ׃

‎31 ‏לַֽחֶבְרוֹנִי֙ יְרִיָּ֣ה הָרֹ֔אשׁ לַֽחֶבְרוֹנִ֥י לְתֹלְדֹתָ֖יו לְאָב֑וֹת בִּשְׁנַ֨ת הָֽאַרְבָּעִ֜ים לְמַלְכ֤וּת דָּוִיד֙ נִדְרָ֔שׁוּ וַיִּמָּצֵ֥א בָהֶ֛ם גִּבּ֥וֹרֵי חַ֖יִל בְּיַעְזֵ֥יר גִּלְעָֽד׃

‎32 ‏וְאֶחָ֣יו בְּנֵי־חַ֗יִל אַלְפַּ֛יִם וּשְׁבַ֥ע מֵא֖וֹת רָאשֵׁ֣י הָאָב֑וֹת וַיַּפְקִידֵ֞ם דָּוִ֣יד הַמֶּ֗לֶךְ עַל־הָראוּבֵנִ֤י וְהַגָּדִי֙ וַחֲצִי֙ שֵׁ֣בֶט הַֽמְנַשִּׁ֔י לְכָל־דְּבַ֥ר הָאֱלֹהִ֖ים וּדְבַ֥ר הַמֶּֽלֶךְ׃ פ


1 Divisiones autem janitorum: de Coritis Meselemia, filius Core, de filiis Asaph.

2 Filii Meselemiæ: Zacharias primogenitus, Jadihel secundus, Zabadias tertius, Jathanaël quartus,

3 Ælam quintus, Johanan sextus, Elioënai septimus.

4 Filii autem Obededom: Semeias primogenitus, Jozabad secundus, Joaha tertius, Sachar quartus, Nathanaël quintus,

5 Ammiel sextus, Issachar septimus, Phollathi octavus: quia benedixit illi Dominus.

6 Semei autem filio ejus nati sunt filii, præfecti familiarum suarum: erant enim viri fortissimi.

7 Filii ergo Semeiæ: Othni, et Raphaël, et Obed, Elzabad, fratres ejus viri fortissimi: Eliu quoque et Samachias.

8 Omnes hi, de filiis Obededom: ipsi, et filii et fratres eorum, fortissimi ad ministrandum, sexaginta duo de Obededom.

9 Porro Meselemiæ filii, et fratres eorum robustissimi, decem et octo.

10 De Hosa autem, id est, de filiis Merari: Semri princeps (non enim habuerat primogenitum, et idcirco posuerat eum pater ejus in principem),

11 Helcias secundus, Tabelias tertius, Zacharias quartus: omnes hi filii et fratres Hosa, tredecim.

12 Hi divisi sunt in janitores, ut semper principes custodiarum, sicut et fratres eorum ministrarent in domo Domini.

13 Missæ sunt ergo sortes ex æquo, et parvis et magnis, per familias suas in unamquamque portarum.

14 Cecidit ergo sors orientalis, Selemiæ. Porro Zachariæ filio ejus, viro prudentissimo et erudito, sortito obtigit plaga septentrionalis.

15 Obededom vero et filiis ejus ad austrum: in qua parte domus erat seniorum concilium.

16 Sephim et Hosa ad occidentem, juxta portam, quæ ducit ad viam ascensionis: custodia contra custodiam.

17 Ad orientem vero Levitæ sex: et ad aquilonem, quatuor per diem: atque ad meridiem similiter in die quatuor: et ubi erat concilium bini et bini.

18 In cellulis quoque janitorum ad occidentem quatuor in via, binique per cellulas.

19 Hæ sunt divisiones janitorum filiorum Core et Merari.

20 Porro Achias erat super thesauros domus Dei, et vasa sanctorum.

21 Filii Ledan, filii Gersonni: de Ledan principes familiarum Ledan, et Gersonni, Jehieli.

22 Filii Jehieli: Zathan, et Joël fratres ejus super thesauros domus Domini.

23 Amramitis, et Isaaritis, et Hebronitis, et Ozihelitis.

24 Subaël autem filius Gersom filii Moysi, præpositus thesauris.

25 Fratres quoque ejus Eliezer, cujus filius Rahabia, et hujus filius Isaias, et hujus filius Joram, hujus quoque filius Zechri, et hujus filius Selemith.

26 Ipse Selemith, et fratres ejus, super thesauros sanctorum quæ sanctificavit David rex, et principes familiarum, et tribuni, et centuriones, et duces exercitus,

27 de bellis et manubiis præliorum, quæ consecraverant ad instaurationem et supellectilem templi Domini.

28 Hæc autem universa sanctificavit Samuel videns, et Saul filius Cis, et Abner filius Ner, et Joab filius Sarviæ: omnes qui sanctificaverant ea per manum Selemith et fratrum ejus.

29 Isaaritis vero præerat Chonenias, et filii ejus ad opera forinsecus super Israël ad docendum et judicandum eos.

30 Porro de Hebronitis Hasabias, et fratres ejus viri fortissimi, mille septingenti præerant Israëli trans Jordanem contra occidentem, in cunctis operibus Domini, et in ministerium regis.

31 Hebronitarum autem princeps fuit Jeria secundum familias et cognationes eorum. Quadragesimo anno regni David recensiti sunt, et inventi sunt viri fortissimi in Jazer Galaad,

32 fratresque ejus robustioris ætatis, duo millia septingenti principes familiarum. Præposuit autem eos David rex Rubenitis, et Gadditis, et dimidiæ tribui Manasse, in omne ministerium Dei et regis.

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