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Deuteronomy 14


1  Ye859 are the children1121 of the LORD3068 your God:430 ye shall not3808 cut yourselves,1413 nor3808 make7760 any baldness7144 between996 your eyes5869 for the dead.4191

2  For3588 thou859 art a holy6918 people5971 unto the LORD3068 thy God,430 and the LORD3068 hath chosen977 thee to be1961 a peculiar5459 people5971 unto himself, above all4480 3605 the nations5971 that834 are upon5921 6440 the earth.127

3  Thou shalt not3808 eat398 any3605 abominable thing.8441

4  These2063 are the beasts929 which834 ye shall eat:398 the ox,7794 the sheep,7716 3775 and the goat,7716 5795

5  The hart,354 and the roebuck,6643 and the fallow deer,3180 and the wild goat,689 and the pygarg,1788 and the wild ox,8377 and the chamois.2169

6  And every3605 beast929 that parteth6536 the hoof,6541 and cleaveth8156 the cleft8157 into two8147 claws,6541 and cheweth5927 the cud1625 among the beasts,929 that ye shall eat.398

7  Nevertheless389 853 these2088 ye shall not3808 eat398 of them that chew4480 5927 the cud,1625 or of them that divide4480 6536 the cloven8156 hoof;6541 as 853 the camel,1581 and the hare,768 and the coney:8227 for3588 they1992 chew5927 the cud,1625 but divide6536 not3808 the hoof;6541 therefore they1992 are unclean2931 unto you.

8  And the swine,2386 because3588 it1931 divideth6536 the hoof,6541 yet cheweth not3808 the cud,1625 it1931 is unclean2931 unto you: ye shall not3808 eat398 of their flesh,4480 1320 nor3808 touch5060 their dead carcass.5038

853 These2088 ye shall eat398 of all4480 3605 that834 are in the waters:4325 all3605 that834 have fins5579 and scales7193 shall ye eat:398

10  And whatsoever3605 834 hath not369 fins5579 and scales7193 ye may not3808 eat;398 it1931 is unclean2931 unto you.

11  Of all3605 clean2889 birds6833 ye shall eat.398

12  But these2088 are they of which834 ye shall not3808 eat:398 the eagle,5404 and the ossifrage,6538 and the osprey,5822

13  And the glede,7201 and the kite,344 and the vulture1772 after his kind,4327

14  And every3605 raven6158 after his kind,4327

15  And the owl,1323 3284 and the night hawk,8464 and the cuckoo,7828 and the hawk5322 after his kind,4327

16  853 The little owl,3563 and the great owl,3244 and the swan,8580

17  And the pelican,6893 and the gier-eagle,7360 and the cormorant,7994

18  And the stork,2624 and the heron601 after her kind,4327 and the lapwing,1744 and the bat.5847

19  And every3605 creeping thing8318 that flieth5775 is unclean2931 unto you: they shall not3808 be eaten.398

20  But of all3605 clean2889 fowls5775 ye may eat.398

21  Ye shall not3808 eat398 of any3605 thing that dieth of itself:5038 thou shalt give5414 it unto the stranger1616 that834 is in thy gates,8179 that he may eat398 it; or176 thou mayest sell4376 it unto an alien:5237 for3588 thou859 art a holy6918 people5971 unto the LORD3068 thy God.430 Thou shalt not3808 seethe1310 a kid1423 in his mother's517 milk.2461

22  Thou shalt truly tithe6237 6237 853 all3605 the increase8393 of thy seed,2233 that the field7704 bringeth forth3318 year8141 by year.8141

23  And thou shalt eat398 before6440 the LORD3068 thy God,430 in the place4725 which834 he shall choose977 to place7931 his name8034 there,8033 the tithe4643 of thy corn,1715 of thy wine,8492 and of thine oil,3323 and the firstlings1062 of thy herds1241 and of thy flocks;6629 that4616 thou mayest learn3925 to fear3372 853 the LORD3068 thy God430 always.3605 3117

24  And if3588 the way1870 be too long7235 for4480 thee, so that3588 thou art not able3201 3808 to carry5375 it; or if3588 the place4725 be too far7368 from4480 thee, which834 the LORD3068 thy God430 shall choose977 to set7760 his name8034 there,8033 when3588 the LORD3068 thy God430 hath blessed1288 thee:

25  Then shalt thou turn5414 it into money,3701 and bind up6696 the money3701 in thine hand,3027 and shalt go1980 unto413 the place4725 which834 the LORD3068 thy God430 shall choose:977

26  And thou shalt bestow5414 that money3701 for whatsoever3605 834 thy soul5315 lusteth after,183 for oxen,1241 or for sheep,6629 or for wine,3196 or for strong drink,7941 or for whatsoever3605 834 thy soul5315 desireth:7592 and thou shalt eat398 there8033 before6440 the LORD3068 thy God,430 and thou shalt rejoice,8055 thou,859 and thine household,1004

27  And the Levite3881 that834 is within thy gates;8179 thou shalt not3808 forsake5800 him; for3588 he hath no369 part2506 nor inheritance5159 with5973 thee.

28  At the end4480 7097 of three7969 years8141 thou shalt bring forth3318 853 all3605 the tithe4643 of thine increase8393 the same1931 year,8141 and shalt lay it up5117 within thy gates:8179

29  And the Levite,3881 (because3588 he hath no369 part2506 nor inheritance5159 with5973 thee,) and the stranger,1616 and the fatherless,3490 and the widow,490 which834 are within thy gates,8179 shall come,935 and shall eat398 and be satisfied;7646 that4616 the LORD3068 thy God430 may bless1288 thee in all3605 the work4639 of thine hand3027 which834 thou doest.6213


1 υἱοί ἐστε κυρίου τοῦ θεοῦ ὑμῶν οὐ φοιβήσετε οὐκ ἐπιθήσετε φαλάκρωμα ἀνὰ μέσον τῶν ὀφθαλμῶν ὑμῶν ἐπὶ νεκρῷ

2 ὅτι λαὸς ἅγιος εἶ κυρίῳ τῷ θεῷ σου καὶ σὲ ἐξελέξατο κύριος ὁ θεός σου γενέσθαι σε αὐτῷ λαὸν περιούσιον ἀπὸ πάντων τῶν ἐθνῶν τῶν ἐπὶ προσώπου τῆς γῆς

3 οὐ φάγεσθε πᾶν βδέλυγμα

4 ταῦτα τὰ κτήνη ἃ φάγεσθε μόσχον ἐκ βοῶν καὶ ἀμνὸν ἐκ προβάτων καὶ χίμαρον ἐξ αἰγῶν

5 ἔλαφον καὶ δορκάδα καὶ βούβαλον καὶ τραγέλαφον καὶ πύγαργον ὄρυγα καὶ καμηλοπάρδαλιν

6 πᾶν κτῆνος διχηλοῦν ὁπλὴν καὶ ὀνυχιστῆρας ὀνυχίζον δύο χηλῶν καὶ ἀνάγον μηρυκισμὸν ἐν τοῖς κτήνεσιν ταῦτα φάγεσθε

7 καὶ ταῦτα οὐ φάγεσθε ἀπὸ τῶν ἀναγόντων μηρυκισμὸν καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν διχηλούντων τὰς ὁπλὰς καὶ ὀνυχιζόντων ὀνυχιστῆρας τὸν κάμηλον καὶ δασύποδα καὶ χοιρογρύλλιον ὅτι ἀνάγουσιν μηρυκισμὸν καὶ ὁπλὴν οὐ διχηλοῦσιν ἀκάθαρτα ταῦτα ὑμῖν ἐστιν

8 καὶ τὸν ὗν ὅτι διχηλεῖ ὁπλὴν τοῦτο καὶ ὀνυχίζει ὄνυχας ὁπλῆς καὶ τοῦτο μηρυκισμὸν οὐ μαρυκᾶται ἀκάθαρτον τοῦτο ὑμῖν ἀπὸ τῶν κρεῶν αὐτῶν οὐ φάγεσθε καὶ τῶν θνησιμαίων αὐτῶν οὐχ ἅψεσθε

9 καὶ ταῦτα φάγεσθε ἀπὸ πάντων τῶν ἐν τοῖς ὕδασιν πάντα ὅσα ἐστὶν ἐν αὐτοῖς πτερύγια καὶ λεπίδες φάγεσθε

10 καὶ πάντα ὅσα οὐκ ἔστιν αὐτοῖς πτερύγια καὶ λεπίδες οὐ φάγεσθε ἀκάθαρτα ὑμῖν ἐστιν

11 πᾶν ὄρνεον καθαρὸν φάγεσθε

12 καὶ ταῦτα οὐ φάγεσθε ἀπ᾽ αὐτῶν τὸν ἀετὸν καὶ τὸν γρύπα καὶ τὸν ἁλιαίετον

13 καὶ τὸν γύπα καὶ τὸν ἰκτῖνα καὶ τὰ ὅμοια αὐτῷ

14 καὶ πάντα κόρακα καὶ τὰ ὅμοια αὐτῷ

15 καὶ στρουθὸν καὶ γλαῦκα καὶ λάρον

16 καὶ ἐρωδιὸν καὶ κύκνον καὶ ἶβιν

17 καὶ καταράκτην καὶ ἱέρακα καὶ τὰ ὅμοια αὐτῷ καὶ ἔποπα καὶ νυκτικόρακα

18 καὶ πελεκᾶνα καὶ χαραδριὸν καὶ τὰ ὅμοια αὐτῷ καὶ πορφυρίωνα καὶ νυκτερίδα

19 πάντα τὰ ἑρπετὰ τῶν πετεινῶν ἀκάθαρτα ταῦτά ἐστιν ὑμῖν οὐ φάγεσθε ἀπ᾽ αὐτῶν

20 πᾶν πετεινὸν καθαρὸν φάγεσθε

21 πᾶν θνησιμαῖον οὐ φάγεσθε τῷ παροίκῳ τῷ ἐν ταῖς πόλεσίν σου δοθήσεται καὶ φάγεται ἢ ἀποδώσῃ τῷ ἀλλοτρίῳ ὅτι λαὸς ἅγιος εἶ κυρίῳ τῷ θεῷ σου οὐχ ἑψήσεις ἄρνα ἐν γάλακτι μητρὸς αὐτοῦ

22 δεκάτην ἀποδεκατώσεις παντὸς γενήματος τοῦ σπέρματός σου τὸ γένημα τοῦ ἀγροῦ σου ἐνιαυτὸν κατ᾽ ἐνιαυτόν

23 καὶ φάγῃ αὐτὸ ἔναντι κυρίου τοῦ θεοῦ σου ἐν τῷ τόπῳ ᾧ ἂν ἐκλέξηται κύριος ὁ θεός σου ἐπικληθῆναι τὸ ὄνομα αὐτοῦ ἐκεῖ οἴσετε τὰ ἐπιδέκατα τοῦ σίτου σου καὶ τοῦ οἴνου σου καὶ τοῦ ἐλαίου σου τὰ πρωτότοκα τῶν βοῶν σου καὶ τῶν προβάτων σου ἵνα μάθῃς φοβεῖσθαι κύριον τὸν θεόν σου πάσας τὰς ἡμέρας

24 ἐὰν δὲ μακρὰν γένηται ἀπὸ σοῦ ἡ ὁδὸς καὶ μὴ δύνῃ ἀναφέρειν αὐτά ὅτι μακρὰν ἀπὸ σοῦ ὁ τόπος ὃν ἂν ἐκλέξηται κύριος ὁ θεός σου ἐπικληθῆναι τὸ ὄνομα αὐτοῦ ἐκεῖ ὅτι εὐλογήσει σε κύριος ὁ θεός σου

25 καὶ ἀποδώσῃ αὐτὰ ἀργυρίου καὶ λήμψῃ τὸ ἀργύριον ἐν ταῖς χερσίν σου καὶ πορεύσῃ εἰς τὸν τόπον ὃν ἂν ἐκλέξηται κύριος ὁ θεός σου αὐτόν

26 καὶ δώσεις τὸ ἀργύριον ἐπὶ παντός οὗ ἐὰν ἐπιθυμῇ ἡ ψυχή σου ἐπὶ βουσὶ ἢ ἐπὶ προβάτοις ἐπὶ οἴνῳ ἢ ἐπὶ σικερα ἢ ἐπὶ παντός οὗ ἐὰν ἐπιθυμῇ ἡ ψυχή σου καὶ φάγῃ ἐκεῖ ἐναντίον κυρίου τοῦ θεοῦ σου καὶ εὐφρανθήσῃ σὺ καὶ ὁ οἶκός σου

27 καὶ ὁ Λευίτης ὁ ἐν ταῖς πόλεσίν σου ὅτι οὐκ ἔστιν αὐτῷ μερὶς οὐδὲ κλῆρος μετὰ σοῦ

28 μετὰ τρία ἔτη ἐξοίσεις πᾶν τὸ ἐπιδέκατον τῶν γενημάτων σου ἐν τῷ ἐνιαυτῷ ἐκείνῳ θήσεις αὐτὸ ἐν ταῖς πόλεσίν σου

29 καὶ ἐλεύσεται ὁ λευίτης ὅτι οὐκ ἔστιν αὐτῷ μερὶς οὐδὲ κλῆρος μετὰ σοῦ καὶ ὁ προσήλυτος καὶ ὁ ὀρφανὸς καὶ ἡ χήρα ἡ ἐν ταῖς πόλεσίν σου καὶ φάγονται καὶ ἐμπλησθήσονται ἵνα εὐλογήσῃ σε κύριος ὁ θεός σου ἐν πᾶσιν τοῖς ἔργοις οἷς ἐὰν ποιῇς


‎1 ‏בָּנִ֣ים אַתֶּ֔ם לַֽיהוָ֖ה אֱלֹהֵיכֶ֑ם לֹ֣א תִתְגֹּֽדְד֗וּ וְלֹֽא־תָשִׂ֧ימוּ קָרְחָ֛ה בֵּ֥ין עֵינֵיכֶ֖ם לָמֵֽת׃

‎2 ‏כִּ֣י עַ֤ם קָדוֹשׁ֙ אַתָּ֔ה לַיהוָ֖ה אֱלֹהֶ֑יךָ וּבְךָ֞ בָּחַ֣ר יְהוָ֗ה לִֽהְי֥וֹת לוֹ֙ לְעַ֣ם סְגֻלָּ֔ה מִכֹּל֙ הָֽעַמִּ֔ים אֲשֶׁ֖ר עַל־פְּנֵ֥י הָאֲדָמָֽה׃ ס

‎3 ‏לֹ֥א תֹאכַ֖ל כָּל־תּוֹעֵבָֽה׃

‎4 ‏זֹ֥את הַבְּהֵמָ֖ה אֲשֶׁ֣ר תֹּאכֵ֑לוּ שׁ֕וֹר שֵׂ֥ה כְשָׂבִ֖ים וְשֵׂ֥ה עִזִּֽים׃

‎5 ‏אַיָּ֥ל וּצְבִ֖י וְיַחְמ֑וּר וְאַקּ֥וֹ וְדִישֹׁ֖ן וּתְא֥וֹ וָזָֽמֶר׃

‎6 ‏וְכָל־בְּהֵמָ֞ה מַפְרֶ֣סֶת פַּרְסָ֗ה וְשֹׁסַ֤עַת שֶׁ֙סַע֙ שְׁתֵּ֣י פְרָס֔וֹת מַעֲלַ֥ת גֵּרָ֖ה בַּבְּהֵמָ֑ה אֹתָ֖הּ תֹּאכֵֽלוּ׃

‎7 ‏אַ֣ךְ אֶת־זֶ֞ה לֹ֤א תֹֽאכְלוּ֙ מִמַּֽעֲלֵ֣י הַגֵּרָ֔ה וּמִמַּפְרִיסֵ֥י הַפַּרְסָ֖ה הַשְּׁסוּעָ֑ה אֶֽת־הַ֠גָּמָל וְאֶת־הָאַרְנֶ֨בֶת וְאֶת־הַשָּׁפָ֜ן כִּֽי־מַעֲלֵ֧ה גֵרָ֣ה הֵ֗מָּה וּפַרְסָה֙ לֹ֣א הִפְרִ֔יסוּ טְמֵאִ֥ים הֵ֖ם לָכֶֽם׃

‎8 ‏וְאֶת־הַ֠חֲזִיר כִּֽי־מַפְרִ֨יס פַּרְסָ֥ה הוּא֙ וְלֹ֣א גֵרָ֔ה טָמֵ֥א ה֖וּא לָכֶ֑ם מִבְּשָׂרָם֙ לֹ֣א תֹאכֵ֔לוּ וּבְנִבְלָתָ֖ם לֹ֥א תִגָּֽעוּ׃ ס

‎9 ‏אֶת־זֶה֙ תֹּֽאכְל֔וּ מִכֹּ֖ל אֲשֶׁ֣ר בַּמָּ֑יִם כֹּ֧ל אֲשֶׁר־ל֛וֹ סְנַפִּ֥יר וְקַשְׂקֶ֖שֶׂת תֹּאכֵֽלוּ׃

‎10 ‏וְכֹ֨ל אֲשֶׁ֧ר אֵֽין־ל֛וֹ סְנַפִּ֥יר וְקַשְׂקֶ֖שֶׂת לֹ֣א תֹאכֵ֑לוּ טָמֵ֥א ה֖וּא לָכֶֽם׃ ס

‎11 ‏כָּל־צִפּ֥וֹר טְהֹרָ֖ה תֹּאכֵֽלוּ׃

‎12 ‏וְזֶ֕ה אֲשֶׁ֥ר לֹֽא־תֹאכְל֖וּ מֵהֶ֑ם הַנֶּ֥שֶׁר וְהַפֶּ֖רֶס וְהָֽעָזְנִיָּֽה׃

‎13 ‏וְהָרָאָה֙ וְאֶת־הָ֣אַיָּ֔ה וְהַדַּיָּ֖ה לְמִינָֽהּ׃

‎14 ‏וְאֵ֥ת כָּל־עֹרֵ֖ב לְמִינֽוֹ׃

‎15 ‏וְאֵת֙ בַּ֣ת הַֽיַּעֲנָ֔ה וְאֶת־הַתַּחְמָ֖ס וְאֶת־הַשָּׁ֑חַף וְאֶת־הַנֵּ֖ץ לְמִינֵֽהוּ׃

‎16 ‏אֶת־הַכּ֥וֹס וְאֶת־הַיַּנְשׁ֖וּף וְהַתִּנְשָֽׁמֶת׃

‎17 ‏וְהַקָּאָ֥ת וְאֶֽת־הָרָחָ֖מָה וְאֶת־הַשָּׁלָֽךְ׃

‎18 ‏וְהַ֣חֲסִידָ֔ה וְהָאֲנָפָ֖ה לְמִינָ֑הּ וְהַדּוּכִיפַ֖ת וְהָעֲטַלֵּֽף׃

‎19 ‏וְכֹל֙ שֶׁ֣רֶץ הָע֔וֹף טָמֵ֥א ה֖וּא לָכֶ֑ם לֹ֖א יֵאָכֵֽלוּ׃

‎20 ‏כָּל־ע֥וֹף טָה֖וֹר תֹּאכֵֽלוּ׃

‎21 ‏לֹ֣א תֹאכְל֣וּ כָל־נְ֠בֵלָה לַגֵּ֨ר אֲשֶׁר־בִּשְׁעָרֶ֜יךָ תִּתְּנֶ֣נָּה וַאֲכָלָ֗הּ א֤וֹ מָכֹר֙ לְנָכְרִ֔י כִּ֣י עַ֤ם קָדוֹשׁ֙ אַתָּ֔ה לַיהוָ֖ה אֱלֹהֶ֑יךָ לֹֽא־תְבַשֵּׁ֥ל גְּדִ֖י בַּחֲלֵ֥ב אִמּֽוֹ׃ פ

‎22 ‏עַשֵּׂ֣ר תְּעַשֵּׂ֔ר אֵ֖ת כָּל־תְּבוּאַ֣ת זַרְעֶ֑ךָ הַיֹּצֵ֥א הַשָּׂדֶ֖ה שָׁנָ֥ה שָׁנָֽה׃

‎23 ‏וְאָכַלְתָּ֞ לִפְנֵ֣י׀ יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֗יךָ בַּמָּק֣וֹם אֲשֶׁר־יִבְחַר֮ לְשַׁכֵּ֣ן שְׁמ֣וֹ שָׁם֒ מַעְשַׂ֤ר דְּגָֽנְךָ֙ תִּֽירֹשְׁךָ֣ וְיִצְהָרֶ֔ךָ וּבְכֹרֹ֥ת בְּקָרְךָ֖ וְצֹאנֶ֑ךָ לְמַ֣עַן תִּלְמַ֗ד לְיִרְאָ֛ה אֶת־יְהוָ֥ה אֱלֹהֶ֖יךָ כָּל־הַיָּמִֽים׃

‎24 ‏וְכִֽי־יִרְבֶּ֨ה מִמְּךָ֜ הַדֶּ֗רֶךְ כִּ֣י לֹ֣א תוּכַל֮3 שְׂאֵתוֹ֒ כִּֽי־יִרְחַ֤ק מִמְּךָ֙ הַמָּק֔וֹם אֲשֶׁ֤ר יִבְחַר֙ יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֔יךָ לָשׂ֥וּם שְׁמ֖וֹ שָׁ֑ם כִּ֥י יְבָרֶכְךָ֖ יְהוָ֥ה אֱלֹהֶֽיךָ׃

‎25 ‏וְנָתַתָּ֖ה בַּכָּ֑סֶף וְצַרְתָּ֤ הַכֶּ֙סֶף֙ בְּיָ֣דְךָ֔ וְהָֽלַכְתָּ֙ אֶל־הַמָּק֔וֹם אֲשֶׁ֥ר יִבְחַ֛ר יְהוָ֥ה אֱלֹהֶ֖יךָ בּֽוֹ׃

‎26 ‏וְנָתַתָּ֣ה הַכֶּ֡סֶף בְּכֹל֩ אֲשֶׁר־תְּאַוֶּ֨ה נַפְשְׁךָ֜ בַּבָּקָ֣ר וּבַצֹּ֗אן וּבַיַּ֙יִן֙ וּבַשֵּׁכָ֔ר וּבְכֹ֛ל אֲשֶׁ֥ר תִּֽשְׁאָלְךָ֖ נַפְשֶׁ֑ךָ וְאָכַ֣לְתָּ שָּׁ֗ם לִפְנֵי֙ יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֔יךָ וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֖ אַתָּ֥ה וּבֵיתֶֽךָ׃

‎27 ‏וְהַלֵּוִ֥י אֲשֶׁר־בִּשְׁעָרֶ֖יךָ לֹ֣א תַֽעַזְבֶ֑נּוּ כִּ֣י אֵ֥ין ל֛וֹ חֵ֥לֶק וְנַחֲלָ֖ה עִמָּֽךְ׃ ס

‎28 ‏מִקְצֵ֣ה׀ שָׁלֹ֣שׁ שָׁנִ֗ים תּוֹצִיא֙ אֶת־כָּל־מַעְשַׂר֙ תְּבוּאָ֣תְךָ֔ בַּשָּׁנָ֖ה הַהִ֑וא וְהִנַּחְתָּ֖ בִּשְׁעָרֶֽיךָ׃

‎29 ‏וּבָ֣א הַלֵּוִ֡י כִּ֣י אֵֽין־לוֹ֩ חֵ֨לֶק וְנַחֲלָ֜ה עִמָּ֗ךְ וְ֠הַגֵּר וְהַיָּת֤וֹם וְהָֽאַלְמָנָה֙ אֲשֶׁ֣ר בִּשְׁעָרֶ֔יךָ וְאָכְל֖וּ וְשָׂבֵ֑עוּ לְמַ֤עַן יְבָרֶכְךָ֙ יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהֶ֔יךָ בְּכָל־מַעֲשֵׂ֥ה יָדְךָ֖ אֲשֶׁ֥ר תַּעֲשֶֽׂה׃ ס


1 Filii estote Domini Dei vestri: non vos incidetis, nec facietis calvitium super mortuo:

2 quoniam populus sanctus es Domino Deo tuo, et te elegit ut sis ei in populum peculiarem de cunctis gentibus, quæ sunt super terram.

3 Ne comedatis quæ immunda sunt.

4 Hoc est animal quod comedere debetis: bovem, et ovem, et capram,

5 cervum et capream, bubalum, tragelaphum, pygargum, orygem, camelopardalum.

6 Omne animal, quod in duas partes findit ungulam, et ruminat, comedetis.

7 De his autem, quæ ruminant, et ungulam non findunt, comedere non debetis, ut camelum, leporem, chœrogryllum: hæc, quia ruminant et non dividunt ungulam, immunda erunt vobis.

8 Sus quoque, quoniam dividat ungulam et non ruminat, immunda erit. Carnibus eorum non vescemini, et cadavera non tangetis.

9 Hæc comedetis ex omnibus quæ morantur in aquis: quæ habent pinnulas et squamas, comedite:

10 quæ absque pinnulis et squamis sunt, ne comedatis, quia immunda sunt.

11 Omnes aves mundas comedite.

12 Immundas ne comedatis: aquilam scilicet, et gryphem, et haliæetum,

13 ixion et vulturem ac milvum juxta genus suum:

14 et omne corvini generis,

15 et struthionem, ac noctuam, et larum, atque accipitrem juxta genus suum:

16 herodium ac cygnum, et ibin,

17 ac mergulum, porphyrionem, et nycticoracem,

18 onocrotalum, et charadrium, singula in genere suo: upupam quoque et vespertilionem.

19 Et omne quod reptat et pennulas habet, immundum erit, et non comedetur.

20 Omne quod mundum est, comedite.

21 Quidquid autem morticinum est, ne vescamini ex eo. Peregrino, qui intra portas tuas est, da ut comedat, aut vende ei: quia tu populus sanctus Domini Dei tui es. Non coques hædum in lacte matris suæ.

22 Decimam partem separabis de cunctis fructibus tuis qui nascuntur in terra per annos singulos,

23 et comedes in conspectu Domini Dei tui in loco quem elegerit, ut in eo nomen illius invocetur, decimam frumenti tui, et vini, et olei, et primogenita de armentis et ovibus tuis: ut discas timere Dominum Deum tuum omni tempore.

24 Cum autem longior fuerit via, et locus quem elegerit Dominus Deus tuus, tibique benedixerit, nec potueris ad eum hæc cuncta portare,

25 vendes omnia, et in pretium rediges, portabisque manu tua, et proficisceris ad locum quem elegerit Dominus Deus tuus:

26 et emes ex eadem pecunia quidquid tibi placuerit, sive ex armentis, sive ex ovibus, vinum quoque et siceram, et omne quod desiderat anima tua: et comedes coram Domino Deo tuo, et epulaberis tu et domus tua:

27 et Levites qui intra portas tuas est, cave ne derelinquas eum, quia non habet aliam partem in possessione tua.

28 Anno tertio separabis aliam decimam ex omnibus quæ nascuntur tibi eo tempore, et repones intra januas tuas.

29 Venietque Levites qui aliam non habet partem nec possessionem tecum, et peregrinus ac pupillus et vidua, qui intra portas tuas sunt, et comedent et saturabuntur: ut benedicat tibi Dominus Deus tuus in cunctis operibus manuum tuarum quæ feceris.

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