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Malachi 4


1  For,3588 behold,2009 the day3117 cometh,935 that shall burn1197 as an oven;8574 and all3605 the proud,2086 yea, and all3605 that do6213 wickedly,7564 shall be1961 stubble:7179 and the day3117 that cometh935 shall burn them up,3857 853 saith559 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 that834 it shall leave5800 them neither3808 root8328 nor branch.6057

2  But unto you that fear3373 my name8034 shall the Sun8121 of righteousness6666 arise2224 with healing4832 in his wings;3671 and ye shall go forth,3318 and grow up6335 as calves5695 of the stall.4770

3  And ye shall tread down6072 the wicked;7563 for3588 they shall be1961 ashes665 under8478 the soles3709 of your feet7272 in the day3117 that834 I589 shall do6213 this, saith559 the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

4  Remember2142 ye the law8451 of Moses4872 my servant,5650 which834 I commanded unto6680 him in Horeb2722 for5921 all3605 Israel,3478 with the statutes2706 and judgments.4941

5  Behold,2009 I595 will send7971 you 853 Elijah452 the prophet5030 before6440 the coming935 of the great1419 and dreadful3372 day3117 of the LORD:3068

6  And he shall turn7725 the heart3820 of the fathers1 to5921 the children,1121 and the heart3820 of the children1121 to5921 their fathers,1 lest6435 I come935 and smite5221 853 the earth776 with a curse.2764


1 Ecce enim dies veniet succensa quasi caminus: et erunt omnes superbi et omnes facientes impietatem stipula: et inflammabit eos dies veniens, dicit Dominus exercituum, quæ non derelinquet eis radicem et germen.

2 Et orietur vobis timentibus nomen meum sol justitiæ, et sanitas in pennis ejus: et egrediemini, et salietis sicut vituli de armento.

3 Et calcabitis impios, cum fuerint cinis sub planta pedum vestrorum, in die qua ego facio, dicit Dominus exercituum.

4 Mementote legis Moysi servi mei, quam mandavi ei in Horeb ad omnem Israël, præcepta et judicia.

5 Ecce ego mittam vobis Eliam prophetam, antequam veniat dies Domini magnus et horribilis.

6 Et convertet cor patrum ad filios, et cor filiorum ad patres eorum: ne forte veniam, et percutiam terram anathemate.

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