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1 Samuel 18


1  And it came to pass,1961 when he had made an end3615 of speaking1696 unto413 Saul,7586 that the soul5315 of Jonathan3083 was knit7194 with the soul5315 of David,1732 and Jonathan3083 loved157 him as his own soul.5315

2  And Saul7586 took3947 him that1931 day,3117 and would let5414 him go no more home7725 3808 to his father's1 house.1004

3  Then Jonathan3083 and David1732 made3772 a covenant,1285 because he loved157 him as his own soul.5315

4  And Jonathan3083 stripped himself6584 of 853 the robe4598 that834 was upon5921 him, and gave5414 it to David,1732 and his garments,4055 even to5740 his sword,2719 and to5704 his bow,7198 and to5704 his girdle.2290

5  And David1732 went out3318 whithersoever834 3605 Saul7586 sent7971 him, and behaved himself wisely:7919 and Saul7586 set7760 him over5921 the men376 of war,4421 and he was accepted3190 in the sight5869 of all3605 the people,5971 and also1571 in the sight5869 of Saul's7586 servants.5650

6  And it came to pass1961 as they came,935 when David1732 was returned7725 from the slaughter4480 5221 of 853 the Philistine,6430 that the women802 came out3318 of all4480 3605 cities5892 of Israel,3478 singing7891 and dancing,4246 to meet7125 king4428 Saul,7586 with tabrets,8596 with joy,8057 and with instruments of music.7991

7  And the women802 answered6030 one another as they played,7832 and said,559 Saul7586 hath slain5221 his thousands,505 and David1732 his ten thousands.7233

8  And Saul7586 was very3966 wroth,2734 and the2088 saying1697 displeased3415 5869 him; and he said,559 They have ascribed5414 unto David1732 ten thousands,7233 and to me they have ascribed5414 but thousands:505 and what can he have more5750 but389 the kingdom?4410

9  And Saul7586 eyed5770 853 David1732 from that day4480 3117 1931 and forward.1973

10  And it came to pass1961 on the morrow,4480 4283 that the evil7451 spirit7307 from God430 came6743 upon413 Saul,7586 and he prophesied5012 in the midst8432 of the house:1004 and David1732 played5059 with his hand,3027 as at other times:3117 3117 and there was a javelin2595 in Saul's7586 hand.3027

11  And Saul7586 cast2904 853 the javelin;2595 for he said,559 I will smite5221 David1732 even to the wall7023 with it. And David1732 avoided5437 out of his presence4480 6440 twice.6471

12  And Saul7586 was afraid3372 of4480 6440 David,1732 because3588 the LORD3068 was1961 with5973 him, and was departed5493 from4480 5973 Saul.7586

13  Therefore Saul7586 removed5493 him from4480 5973 him, and made7760 him his captain8269 over a thousand;505 and he went out3318 and came in935 before6440 the people.5971

14  And David1732 behaved himself wisely7919 in all3605 his ways;1870 and the LORD3068 was with5973 him.

15  Wherefore when Saul7586 saw7200 that834 he1931 behaved himself very wisely,7919 3966 he was afraid1481 of4480 6440 him.

16  But all3605 Israel3478 and Judah3063 loved157 853 David,1732 because3588 he1931 went out3318 and came in935 before6440 them.

17  And Saul7586 said559 to413 David,1732 Behold2009 my elder1419 daughter1323 Merab,4764 her will I give5414 thee to wife:802 only389 be1961 thou valiant1121 2428 for me, and fight3898 the LORD's3068 battles.4421 For Saul7586 said,559 Let not408 mine hand3027 be1961 upon him, but let the hand3027 of the Philistines6430 be1961 upon him.

18  And David1732 said559 unto413 Saul,7586 Who4310 am I?595 and what4310 is my life,2416 or my father's1 family4940 in Israel,3478 that3588 I should be1961 son-in-law2860 to the king?4428

19  But it came to pass1961 at the time6256 when 853 Merab4764 Saul's7586 daughter1323 should have been given5414 to David,1732 that she1931 was given5414 unto Adriel5741 the Meholathite4259 to wife.802

20  And Michal4324 Saul's7586 daughter1323 loved157 853 David:1732 and they told5046 Saul,7586 and the thing1697 pleased3474 5869 him.

21  And Saul7586 said,559 I will give5414 him her, that she may be1961 a snare4170 to him, and that the hand3027 of the Philistines6430 may be1961 against him. Wherefore Saul7586 said559 to413 David,1732 Thou shalt this day3117 be my son-in-law2860 in the one of the twain.8147

22  And Saul7586 commanded6680 853 his servants,5650 saying, Commune1696 with413 David1732 secretly,3909 and say,559 Behold,2009 the king4428 hath delight2654 in thee, and all3605 his servants5650 love157 thee: now6258 therefore be the king's4428 son-in-law.2860

23  And Saul's7586 servants5650 spoke1696 853 those428 words1697 in the ears241 of David.1732 And David1732 said,559 Seemeth5869 it to you a light7043 thing to be a king's4428 son-in-law,2860 seeing that I595 am a poor7326 man,376 and lightly esteemed?7034

24  And the servants5650 of Saul7586 told5046 him, saying,559 On this428 manner1697 spoke1696 David.1732

25  And Saul7586 said,559 Thus3541 shall ye say559 to David,1732 The king4428 desireth2656 not369 any dowry,4119 but3588 a hundred3967 foreskins6190 of the Philistines,6430 to be avenged5358 of the king's4428 enemies.341 But Saul7586 thought2803 to make 853 David1732 fall5307 by the hand3027 of the Philistines.6430

26  And when his servants5650 told5046 David1732 853 these428 words,1697 it pleased3474 1697 5869 David1732 well to be the king's4428 son-in-law:2860 and the days3117 were not3808 expired.4390

27  Wherefore David1732 arose6965 and went,1980 he1931 and his men,376 and slew5221 of the Philistines6430 two hundred3967 men;376 and David1732 brought935 853 their foreskins,6190 and they gave them in full tale4390 to the king,4428 that he might be the king's4428 son-in-law.2860 And Saul7586 gave5414 him 853 Michal4324 his daughter1323 to wife.802

28  And Saul7586 saw7200 and knew3045 that3588 the LORD3068 was with5973 David,1732 and that Michal4324 Saul's7586 daughter1323 loved157 him.

29  And Saul7586 was yet5750 the more3254 afraid3372 of4480 6440 David;1732 and Saul7586 became1961 853 David's1732 enemy341 continually.3605 3117

30  Then the princes8269 of the Philistines6430 went forth:3318 and it came to pass,1961 after4480 167 they went forth,3318 that David1732 behaved himself more wisely7919 than all4480 3605 the servants5650 of Saul;7586 so that his name8034 was much3966 set by.3365


6 καὶ ἐξῆλθον αἱ χορεύουσαι εἰς συνάντησιν Δαυιδ ἐκ πασῶν πόλεων Ισραηλ ἐν τυμπάνοις καὶ ἐν χαρμοσύνῃ καὶ ἐν κυμβάλοις

7 καὶ ἐξῆρχον αἱ γυναῖκες καὶ ἔλεγον ἐπάταξεν Σαουλ ἐν χιλιάσιν αὐτοῦ καὶ Δαυιδ ἐν μυριάσιν αὐτοῦ

8 καὶ πονηρὸν ἐφάνη τὸ ῥῆμα ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς Σαουλ περὶ τοῦ λόγου τούτου καὶ εἶπεν τῷ Δαυιδ ἔδωκαν τὰς μυριάδας καὶ ἐμοὶ ἔδωκαν τὰς χιλιάδας

9 καὶ ἦν Σαουλ ὑποβλεπόμενος τὸν Δαυιδ ἀπὸ τῆς ἡμέρας ἐκείνης καὶ ἐπέκεινα

12 καὶ ἐφοβήθη Σαουλ ἀπὸ προσώπου Δαυιδ

13 καὶ ἀπέστησεν αὐτὸν ἀπ᾽ αὐτοῦ καὶ κατέστησεν αὐτὸν ἑαυτῷ χιλίαρχον καὶ ἐξεπορεύετο καὶ εἰσεπορεύετο ἔμπροσθεν τοῦ λαοῦ

14 καὶ ἦν Δαυιδ ἐν πάσαις ταῖς ὁδοῖς αὐτοῦ συνίων καὶ κύριος μετ᾽ αὐτοῦ

15 καὶ εἶδεν Σαουλ ὡς αὐτὸς συνίει σφόδρα καὶ εὐλαβεῖτο ἀπὸ προσώπου αὐτοῦ

16 καὶ πᾶς Ισραηλ καὶ Ιουδας ἠγάπα τὸν Δαυιδ ὅτι αὐτὸς ἐξεπορεύετο καὶ εἰσεπορεύετο πρὸ προσώπου τοῦ λαοῦ

20 καὶ ἠγάπησεν Μελχολ ἡ θυγάτηρ Σαουλ τὸν Δαυιδ καὶ ἀπηγγέλη Σαουλ καὶ ηὐθύνθη ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς αὐτοῦ

21 καὶ εἶπεν Σαουλ δώσω αὐτὴν αὐτῷ καὶ ἔσται αὐτῷ εἰς σκάνδαλον καὶ ἦν ἐπὶ Σαουλ χεὶρ ἀλλοφύλων

22 καὶ ἐνετείλατο Σαουλ τοῖς παισὶν αὐτοῦ λέγων λαλήσατε ὑμεῖς λάθρᾳ τῷ Δαυιδ λέγοντες ἰδοὺ ὁ βασιλεὺς θέλει ἐν σοί καὶ πάντες οἱ παῖδες αὐτοῦ ἀγαπῶσίν σε καὶ σὺ ἐπιγάμβρευσον τῷ βασιλεῖ

23 καὶ ἐλάλησαν οἱ παῖδες Σαουλ εἰς τὰ ὦτα Δαυιδ τὰ ῥήματα ταῦτα καὶ εἶπεν Δαυιδ εἰ κοῦφον ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς ὑμῶν ἐπιγαμβρεῦσαι βασιλεῖ κἀγὼ ἀνὴρ ταπεινὸς καὶ οὐχὶ ἔνδοξος

24 καὶ ἀπήγγειλαν οἱ παῖδες Σαουλ αὐτῷ κατὰ τὰ ῥήματα ταῦτα ἃ ἐλάλησεν Δαυιδ

25 καὶ εἶπεν Σαουλ τάδε ἐρεῖτε τῷ Δαυιδ οὐ βούλεται ὁ βασιλεὺς ἐν δόματι ἀλλ᾽ ἢ ἐν ἑκατὸν ἀκροβυστίαις ἀλλοφύλων ἐκδικῆσαι εἰς ἐχθροὺς τοῦ βασιλέως καὶ Σαουλ ἐλογίσατο αὐτὸν ἐμβαλεῖν εἰς χεῖρας τῶν ἀλλοφύλων

26 καὶ ἀπαγγέλλουσιν οἱ παῖδες Σαουλ τῷ Δαυιδ τὰ ῥήματα ταῦτα καὶ εὐθύνθη ὁ λόγος ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς Δαυιδ ἐπιγαμβρεῦσαι τῷ βασιλεῖ

27 καὶ ἀνέστη Δαυιδ καὶ ἐπορεύθη αὐτὸς καὶ οἱ ἄνδρες αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐπάταξεν ἐν τοῖς ἀλλοφύλοις ἑκατὸν ἄνδρας καὶ ἀνήνεγκεν τὰς ἀκροβυστίας αὐτῶν τῷ βασιλεῖ καὶ ἐπιγαμβρεύεται τῷ βασιλεῖ καὶ δίδωσιν αὐτῷ τὴν Μελχολ θυγατέρα αὐτοῦ αὐτῷ εἰς γυναῖκα

28 καὶ εἶδεν Σαουλ ὅτι κύριος μετὰ Δαυιδ καὶ πᾶς Ισραηλ ἠγάπα αὐτόν

29 καὶ προσέθετο εὐλαβεῖσθαι ἀπὸ Δαυιδ ἔτι


‎1 ‏וַיְהִ֗י כְּכַלֹּתוֹ֙ לְדַבֵּ֣ר אֶל־שָׁא֔וּל וְנֶ֙פֶשׁ֙ יְה֣וֹנָתָ֔ן נִקְשְׁרָ֖ה בְּנֶ֣פֶשׁ דָּוִ֑ד ויאהבו וַיֶּאֱהָבֵ֥הוּ יְהוֹנָתָ֖ן כְּנַפְשֽׁוֹ׃

‎2 ‏וַיִּקָּחֵ֥הוּ שָׁא֖וּל בַּיּ֣וֹם הַה֑וּא וְלֹ֣א נְתָנ֔וֹ לָשׁ֖וּב בֵּ֥ית אָבִֽיו׃

‎3 ‏וַיִּכְרֹ֧ת יְהוֹנָתָ֛ן וְדָוִ֖ד בְּרִ֑ית בְּאַהֲבָת֥וֹ אֹת֖וֹ כְּנַפְשֽׁוֹ׃

‎4 ‏וַיִּתְפַּשֵּׁ֣ט יְהוֹנָתָ֗ן אֶֽת־הַמְּעִיל֙ אֲשֶׁ֣ר עָלָ֔יו וַֽיִּתְּנֵ֖הוּ לְדָוִ֑ד וּמַדָּ֕יו וְעַד־חַרְבּ֥וֹ וְעַד־קַשְׁתּ֖וֹ וְעַד־חֲגֹרֽוֹ׃

‎5 ‏וַיֵּצֵ֨א דָוִ֜ד בְּכֹל֩ אֲשֶׁ֨ר יִשְׁלָחֶ֤נּוּ שָׁאוּל֙ יַשְׂכִּ֔יל וַיְשִׂמֵ֣הוּ שָׁא֔וּל עַ֖ל אַנְשֵׁ֣י הַמִּלְחָמָ֑ה וַיִּיטַב֙ בְּעֵינֵ֣י כָל־הָעָ֔ם וְגַ֕ם בְּעֵינֵ֖י עַבְדֵ֥י שָׁאֽוּל׃ פ

‎6 ‏וַיְהִ֣י בְּבוֹאָ֗ם בְּשׁ֤וּב דָּוִד֙ מֵהַכּ֣וֹת אֶת־הַפְּלִשְׁתִּ֔י וַתֵּצֶ֨אנָה הַנָּשִׁ֜ים מִכָּל־עָרֵ֤י יִשְׂרָאֵל֙ לשור לָשִׁ֣יר וְהַמְּחֹל֔וֹת לִקְרַ֖את שָׁא֣וּל הַמֶּ֑לֶךְ בְּתֻפִּ֥ים בְּשִׂמְחָ֖ה וּבְשָׁלִשִֽׁים׃

‎7 ‏וַֽתַּעֲנֶ֛ינָה הַנָּשִׁ֥ים הַֽמְשַׂחֲק֖וֹת וַתֹּאמַ֑רְןָ הִכָּ֤ה שָׁאוּל֙ באלפו בַּאֲלָפָ֔יו וְדָוִ֖ד בְּרִבְבֹתָֽיו׃

‎8 ‏וַיִּ֨חַר לְשָׁא֜וּל מְאֹ֗ד וַיֵּ֤רַע בְּעֵינָיו֙ הַדָּבָ֣ר הַזֶּ֔ה וַיֹּ֗אמֶר נָתְנ֤וּ לְדָוִד֙ רְבָב֔וֹת וְלִ֥י נָתְנ֖וּ הָאֲלָפִ֑ים וְע֥וֹד ל֖וֹ אַ֥ךְ הַמְּלוּכָֽה׃

‎9 ‏וַיְהִ֥י שָׁא֖וּל עון עוֹיֵ֣ן אֶת־דָּוִ֑ד מֵהַיּ֥וֹם הַה֖וּא וָהָֽלְאָה׃ ס

‎10 ‏וַיְהִ֣י מִֽמָּחֳרָ֗ת וַתִּצְלַ֣ח רוּחַ֩ אֱלֹהִ֨ים׀ רָעָ֤ה׀ אֶל־שָׁאוּל֙ וַיִּתְנַבֵּ֣א בְתוֹךְ־הַבַּ֔יִת וְדָוִ֛ד מְנַגֵּ֥ן בְּיָד֖וֹ כְּי֣וֹם׀ בְּי֑וֹם וְהַחֲנִ֖ית בְּיַד־שָׁאֽוּל׃

‎11 ‏וַיָּ֤טֶל שָׁאוּל֙ אֶֽת־הַחֲנִ֔ית וַיֹּ֕אמֶר אַכֶּ֥ה בְדָוִ֖ד וּבַקִּ֑יר וַיִּסֹּ֥ב דָּוִ֛ד מִפָּנָ֖יו פַּעֲמָֽיִם׃

‎12 ‏וַיִּרָ֥א שָׁא֖וּל מִלִּפְנֵ֣י דָוִ֑ד כִּֽי־הָיָ֤ה יְהוָה֙ עִמּ֔וֹ וּמֵעִ֥ם שָׁא֖וּל סָֽר׃

‎13 ‏וַיְסִרֵ֤הוּ שָׁאוּל֙ מֵֽעִמּ֔וֹ וַיְשִׂמֵ֥הוּ ל֖וֹ שַׂר־אָ֑לֶף וַיֵּצֵ֥א וַיָּבֹ֖א לִפְנֵ֥י הָעָֽם׃ פ

‎14 ‏וַיְהִ֥י דָוִ֛ד לְכָל־דָּרְכָ֖וq מַשְׂכִּ֑יל וַֽיהוָ֖ה עִמּֽוֹ׃

‎15 ‏וַיַּ֣רְא שָׁא֔וּל אֲשֶׁר־ה֖וּא מַשְׂכִּ֣יל מְאֹ֑ד וַיָּ֖גָר מִפָּנָֽיו׃

‎16 ‏וְכָל־יִשְׂרָאֵל֙ וִיהוּדָ֔ה אֹהֵ֖ב אֶת־דָּוִ֑ד כִּֽי־ה֛וּא יוֹצֵ֥א וָבָ֖א לִפְנֵיהֶֽם׃ פ

‎17 ‏וַיֹּ֨אמֶר שָׁא֜וּל אֶל־דָּוִ֗ד הִנֵּה֩ בִתִּ֨י הַגְּדוֹלָ֤ה מֵרַב֙ אֹתָהּ֙ אֶתֶּן־לְךָ֣ לְאִשָּׁ֔ה אַ֚ךְ הֱיֵה־לִּ֣י לְבֶן־חַ֔יִל וְהִלָּחֵ֖ם מִלְחֲמ֣וֹת יְהוָ֑ה וְשָׁא֣וּל אָמַ֗ר אַל־תְּהִ֤י יָדִי֙ בּ֔וֹ וּתְהִי־ב֖וֹ יַד־פְּלִשְׁתִּֽים׃ ס

‎18 ‏וַיֹּ֨אמֶר דָּוִ֜ד אֶל־שָׁא֗וּל מִ֤י אָֽנֹכִי֙ וּמִ֣י חַיַּ֔י מִשְׁפַּ֥חַת אָבִ֖י בְּיִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל כִּֽי־אֶהְיֶ֥ה חָתָ֖ן לַמֶּֽלֶךְ׃

‎19 ‏וַיְהִ֗י בְּעֵ֥ת תֵּ֛ת אֶת־מֵרַ֥ב בַּת־שָׁא֖וּל לְדָוִ֑ד וְהִ֧יא נִתְּנָ֛ה לְעַדְרִיאֵ֥ל הַמְּחֹלָתִ֖י לְאִשָּֽׁה׃

‎20 ‏וַתֶּאֱהַ֛ב מִיכַ֥ל בַּת־שָׁא֖וּל אֶת־דָּוִ֑ד וַיַּגִּ֣דוּ לְשָׁא֔וּל וַיִּשַׁ֥ר הַדָּבָ֖ר בְּעֵינָֽיו׃

‎21 ‏וַיֹּ֨אמֶר שָׁא֜וּל אֶתְּנֶ֤נָּה לּוֹ֙ וּתְהִי־ל֣וֹ לְמוֹקֵ֔שׁ וּתְהִי־ב֖וֹ יַד־פְּלִשְׁתִּ֑ים וַיֹּ֤אמֶר שָׁאוּל֙ אֶל־דָּוִ֔ד בִּשְׁתַּ֛יִם תִּתְחַתֵּ֥ן בִּ֖י הַיּֽוֹם׃

‎22 ‏וַיְצַ֨ו שָׁא֜וּל אֶת־עֲבָדָ֗וq דַּבְּר֨וּ אֶל־דָּוִ֤ד בַּלָּט֙ לֵאמֹ֔ר הִנֵּ֨ה חָפֵ֤ץ בְּךָ֙ הַמֶּ֔לֶךְ וְכָל־עֲבָדָ֖יו אֲהֵב֑וּךָ וְעַתָּ֖ה הִתְחַתֵּ֥ן בַּמֶּֽלֶךְ׃

‎23 ‏וַֽיְדַבְּר֞וּ עַבְדֵ֤י שָׁאוּל֙ בְּאָזְנֵ֣י דָוִ֔ד אֶת־הַדְּבָרִ֖ים הָאֵ֑לֶּה וַיֹּ֣אמֶר דָּוִ֗ד הַֽנְקַלָּ֤ה בְעֵֽינֵיכֶם֙ הִתְחַתֵּ֣ן בַּמֶּ֔לֶךְ וְאָנֹכִ֖י אִֽישׁ־רָ֥שׁ וְנִקְלֶֽה׃

‎24 ‏וַיַּגִּ֜דוּ עַבְדֵ֥י שָׁא֛וּל ל֖וֹ לֵאמֹ֑ר כַּדְּבָרִ֥ים הָאֵ֖לֶּה דִּבֶּ֥ר דָּוִֽד׃ פ

‎25 ‏וַיֹּ֨אמֶר שָׁא֜וּל כֹּֽה־תֹאמְר֣וּ לְדָוִ֗ד אֵֽין־חֵ֤פֶץ לַמֶּ֙לֶךְ֙ בְּמֹ֔הַר כִּ֗י בְּמֵאָה֙ עָרְל֣וֹת פְּלִשְׁתִּ֔ים לְהִנָּקֵ֖ם בְּאֹיְבֵ֣י הַמֶּ֑לֶךְ וְשָׁא֣וּל חָשַׁ֔ב לְהַפִּ֥יל אֶת־דָּוִ֖ד בְּיַד־פְּלִשְׁתִּֽים׃

‎26 ‏וַיַּגִּ֨דוּ עֲבָדָ֤יו לְדָוִד֙ אֶת־הַדְּבָרִ֣ים הָאֵ֔לֶּה וַיִּשַׁ֤ר הַדָּבָר֙ בְּעֵינֵ֣י דָוִ֔ד לְהִתְחַתֵּ֖ן בַּמֶּ֑לֶךְ וְלֹ֥א מָלְא֖וּ הַיָּמִֽים׃

‎27 ‏וַיָּ֨קָם דָּוִ֜ד וַיֵּ֣לֶךְ׀ ה֣וּא וַאֲנָשָׁ֗יו וַיַּ֣ךְ בַּפְּלִשְׁתִּים֮ מָאתַ֣יִם אִישׁ֒ וַיָּבֵ֤א דָוִד֙ אֶת־עָרְלֹ֣תֵיהֶ֔ם וַיְמַלְא֣וּם לַמֶּ֔לֶךְ לְהִתְחַתֵּ֖ן בַּמֶּ֑לֶךְ וַיִּתֶּן־ל֥וֹ שָׁא֛וּל אֶת־מִיכַ֥ל בִּתּ֖וֹ לְאִשָּֽׁה׃ ס

‎28 ‏וַיַּ֤רְא שָׁאוּל֙ וַיֵּ֔דַע כִּ֥י יְהוָ֖ה עִם־דָּוִ֑ד וּמִיכַ֥ל בַּת־שָׁא֖וּל אֲהֵבַֽתְהוּ׃

‎29 ‏וַיֹּ֣אסֶף שָׁא֗וּל לֵרֹ֛א מִפְּנֵ֥י דָוִ֖ד ע֑וֹד וַיְהִ֥י שָׁא֛וּל אֹיֵ֥ב אֶת־דָּוִ֖ד כָּל־הַיָּמִֽים׃ ס

‎30 ‏וַיֵּצְא֖וּ שָׂרֵ֣י פְלִשְׁתִּ֑ים וַיְהִ֣י׀ מִדֵּ֣י צֵאתָ֗ם שָׂכַ֤ל דָּוִד֙ מִכֹּל֙ עַבְדֵ֣י שָׁא֔וּל וַיִּיקַ֥ר שְׁמ֖וֹ מְאֹֽד׃ ס


1 Et factum est cum complesset loqui ad Saul, anima Jonathæ conglutinata est animæ David, et dilexit eum Jonathas quasi animam suam.

2 Tulitque eum Saul in die illa, et non concessit ei ut reverteretur in domum patris sui.

3 Inierunt autem David et Jonathas fœdus: diligebat enim eum quasi animam suam.

4 Nam expoliavit se Jonathas tunica qua erat indutus, et dedit eam David, et reliqua vestimenta sua, usque ad gladium et arcum suum, et usque ad balteum.

5 Egrediebatur quoque David ad omnia quæcumque misisset eum Saul, et prudenter se agebat: posuitque eum Saul super viros belli, et acceptus erat in oculis universi populi, maximeque in conspectu famulorum Saul.

6 Porro cum reverteretur percusso Philisthæo David, egressæ sunt mulieres de universis urbibus Israël, cantantes, chorosque ducentes in occursum Saul regis, in tympanis lætitiæ, et in sistris.

7 Et præcinebant mulieres, ludentes, atque dicentes: [Percussit Saul mille,
et David decem millia.]

8 Iratus est autem Saul nimis, et displicuit in oculis ejus sermo iste: dixitque: Dederunt David decem millia, et mihi mille dederunt: quid ei superest, nisi solum regnum?

9 Non rectis ergo oculis Saul aspiciebat David a die illa et deinceps.

10 Post diem autem alteram, invasit spiritus Dei malus Saul, et prophetabat in medio domus suæ: David autem psallebat manu sua, sicut per singulos dies. Tenebatque Saul lanceam,

11 et misit eam, putans quod configere posset David cum pariete: et declinavit David a facie ejus secundo.

12 Et timuit Saul David, eo quod Dominus esset cum eo, et a se recessisset.

13 Amovit ergo eum Saul a se, et fecit eum tribunum super mille viros: et egrediebatur, et intrabat in conspectu populi.

14 In omnibus quoque viis suis David prudenter agebat, et Dominus erat cum eo.

15 Vidit itaque Saul quod prudens esset nimis, et cœpit cavere eum.

16 Omnis autem Israël et Juda diligebat David: ipse enim ingrediebatur et egrediebatur ante eos.

17 Dixitque Saul ad David: Ecce filia mea major Merob: ipsam dabo tibi uxorem: tantummodo esto vir fortis, et præliare bella Domini. Saul autem reputabat, dicens: Non sit manus mea in eum, sed sit super eum manus Philisthinorum.

18 Ait autem David ad Saul: Quis ego sum, aut quæ est vita mea, aut cognatio patris mei in Israël, ut fiam gener regis?

19 Factum est autem tempus cum deberet dari Merob filia Saul David, data est Hadrieli Molathitæ uxor.

20 Dilexit autem David Michol filia Saul altera. Et nuntiatum est Saul, et placuit ei.

21 Dixitque Saul: Dabo eam illi, ut fiat ei in scandalum, et sit super eum manus Philisthinorum. Dixitque Saul ad David: In duabus rebus gener meus eris hodie.

22 Et mandavit Saul servis suis: Loquimini ad David clam me, dicentes: Ecce places regi, et omnes servi ejus diligunt te: nunc ergo esto gener regis.

23 Et locuti sunt servi Saul in auribus David omnia verba hæc. Et ait David: Num parum videtur vobis, generum esse regis? ego autem sum vir pauper et tenuis.

24 Et renuntiaverunt servi Saul dicentes: Hujuscemodi verba locutus est David.

25 Dixit autem Saul: Sic loquimini ad David: Non habet rex sponsalia necesse, nisi tantum centum præputia Philisthinorum, ut fiat ultio de inimicis regis. Porro Saul cogitabat tradere David in manus Philisthinorum.

26 Cumque renuntiassent servi ejus David verba quæ dixerat Saul, placuit sermo in oculis David, ut fieret gener regis.

27 Et post paucos dies surgens David, abiit cum viris qui sub eo erant. Et percussit ex Philisthiim ducentos viros, et attulit eorum præputia et annumeravit ea regi, ut esset gener ejus. Dedit itaque Saul ei Michol filiam suam uxorem.

28 Et vidit Saul, et intellexit quod Dominus esset cum David. Michol autem filia Saul diligebat eum.

29 Et Saul magis cœpit timere David: factusque est Saul inimicus David cunctis diebus.

30 Et egressi sunt principes Philisthinorum. A principio autem egressionis eorum, prudentius se gerebat David quam omnes servi Saul, et celebre factum est nomen ejus nimis.

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