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by Thomas Troward


Thomas Troward was a leading proponent of the 'New Thought' movement, a forerunner of what is now known as 'New Age' thinking. In this book he attempts to elucidate what he calls the 'Promise' of the Bible: Eternal Life, and of the Word made Real. He dresses up the text with analogies and references to contemporary science and technology, such as the telegraph, radioactivity, and 'flying machines.' This usage will be familiar to anyone who has sat through the recent movie What the Bleep do We Know?, which uses special-effects film vocabulary, quantum physics, and string theory to similar effect.

Title Page
Chapter I. Some Facts In Nature
Chapter II. Some Psychic Experiences
Chapter III. Man's Place in the Creative Order
Chapter IV. The Law of Wholeness
Chapter V. The Soul of the Subject
Chapter VI. The Promises
Chapter VII. Death and Immortality
Chapter VIII. Transferring the Burden