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Four Figures in a Landscape--Duncan

Legends and Stories of Ireland

by Samuel Lover

[1831, 1834]

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This is a collection of Irish folklore, framed by first-person remininces of the author, with some swatches of Irish 'dialect' and other comic touches. It was written before the 'Celtic Twilight' books, so its point is to entertain rather than record folklore. So the stories are simply evocative of the art of Irish storytelling. However, there are just enough ghosts, fairy trout, and other supernatural aspects to please the Celtic lore fan.

Title Page
King O'Toole and St Kevin
Lough Corrib
A Legend of Lough Mask
The White Trout
The Battle of the Berrins; or, the Double Funeral
Father Roach
The Priest's Story
The King and the Bishop
Jimmy the Fool
The Catastrophe
The Devil's Mill
The Gridiron; or Paddy Mullowney's Travels in France
Paddy the Piper
The Priest's Ghost
New Potatoes
Paddy the Sport
The White Horse of the Peppers
The Legend of the Little Weaver of Duleek Gate
Conclusion of the White Horse of the Peppers
The Curse of Kishogue
The Fairy Finder