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Legends and Romances of Brittany

by Lewis Spence


This is a popularized treatment of the folklore of Brittany, the Celtic region on the north-western coast of France, Spence, who wrote a number of other books in this series, recounts tales of knights, kings and saints, some more or less historical in nature, others set in the timeless land of the fairy-tales. Brittany also has extensive lore of fairy-folk, including several unique species, such as the Korrigan, Nain, Goric, and the dread Ankou, a female spirit of death. In addition, Brittany is the setting (and possibly the origin) of some of the Arthurian tales, particularly those of Tristram and Percival. One of the rarer of Spence's books, Legends and Romances of Brittany is an enjoyable read in spite of the sometimes grim subject matter.

--John Bruno Hare, August 25th, 2004.

Title Page
Chapter I: The Land, the People and their Story
Chapter II: Menhirs and Dolmens
Chapter III: The Fairies of Brittany
Chapter VI: Sprites and Demons of Brittany
Chapter V: World-Tales in Brittany
Chapter VI: Breton Folk-Tales
Chapter VII: Popular Legends of Brittany
Chapter VIII: Hero-Tales of Brittany
Chapter IX: The Black Art and its Ministers
Chapter X: Arthurian Romance in Brittany
Chapter XI: The Breton Lays of Marie De France
Chapter XII: The Saints of Brittany
Chapter XIII: Costumes and Customs of Brittany