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The Coming of Bride, by John Duncan

Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend

By Donald Alexander Mackenzie


Title Page
Chapter I
Chapter II. The Coming of Angus and Bride
Chapter III. Combats that Never End
Chapter IV. The Princess of Land-under-Waves
Chapter V. Nimble Men, Blue Men, and Green Ladies
Chapter VI. Conall and the Thunder Hag
Chapter VII. Story of Finlay and the Giants
Chapter VIII. Heroes on the Green Isle
Chapter IX. A Vision of the Dead
Chapter X. The Story of Michael Scott
Chapter XI. In the Kingdom of Seals
Chapter XII. Story of Thomas the Rhymer
Chapter XIII. The Maid-of-the-Wave
Chapter XIV. Exiles from Fairyland
Chapter XV. Friends and Foes of Man
Chapter XVI. The Land of Green Mountains