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The Laxdaela Saga

tr. by Muriel Press


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Title Page
Chapter I: Of Ketill Flatnose and his Descendants, 9th Century A.D.
Chapter II: Ketill and his Sons prepare to leave Norway
Chapter III: Ketill's Sons go to Iceland
Chapter IV: Ketill goes to Scotland, A.D. 890
Chapter V: Unn goes to Iceland, A.D. 895
Chapter VI: Unn Divides her Land
Chapter VII: Of the Wedding of Olaf “Feilan”, A.D. 920
Chapter VIII: The Birth of Hrut and Thorgerd's Second Widowhood, A.D. 916
Chapter IX: Hoskuld's Marriage, A.D. 935
Chapter X: Of Viga Hrapp
Chapter XI: About Thord Goddi and Thorbjorn Skrjup
Chapter XII: Hoskuld Buys a Slave Woman
Chapter XIII: Hoskuld Returns to Iceland, A.D. 938
Chapter XIV: The Murder of Hall, Ingjald's Brother
Chapter XV: Thorolf's Escape with Asgaut the Thrall
Chapter XVI: Thord becomes Olaf's Foster Father, A.D. 945
Chapter XVII: About Viga Hrapp's Ghost, A.D. 950
Chapter XVIII: Of the Drowning of Thorstein Swart
Chapter XIX: Hrut Comes to Iceland
Chapter XX: Melkorka's Marriage and Olaf the Peacock's Journey, A.D. 955
Chapter XXI: Olaf the Peacock goes to Ireland, A.D. 956
Chapter XXII: Olaf the Peacock comes Home to Iceland, A.D. 957
Chapter XXIII: The Marriage of Olaf Peacock and Thorgerd, the Daughter of Egil, A.D. 959
Chapter XXIV: The Building of Herdholt, A.D. 962
Chapter XXV: About Hoskuld's Sons
Chapter XXVI: The Death of Hoskuld, A.D. 965
Chapter XXVII: The Funeral Feast for Hoskuld
Chapter XXVIII: The Birth of Kjartan, Olaf's Son, A.D. 970
Chapter XXIX: Olaf's Second Journey to Norway, A.D. 975
Chapter XXX: About Giermund and Thurid, A.D. 978
Chapter XXXI: Thurid's Second Marriage, A.D. 982
Chapter XXXII: Of Osvif Helgison
Chapter XXXIII: Of Gest Oddleifson and Gudrun's Dreams
Chapter XXXIV: Gudrun's First Marriage, A.D. 989
Chapter XXXV: Gudrun's Second Marriage, A.D. 991
Chapter XXXVI: About Kotkell and Grima
Chapter XXXVII: About Hrut and Eidgrim, A.D. 995
Chapter XXXVIII: The Death of Stigandi. Thorleik Leaves Iceland
Chapter XXXIX: Of Kjartan's Friendship for Bolli
Chapter XL: Kjartan and Bolli Voyage to Norway, A.D. 999
Chapter XLI: Bolli returns to Iceland, A.D. 1000
Chapter XLII: Bolli makes love to Gudrun, A.D. 1000
Chapter XLIII: Kjartan comes back to Iceland, A.D.1001
Chapter XLIV: Kjartan comes home, A.D. 1001
Chapter XLV: Kjartan marries Hrefna, A.D. 1002
Chapter XLVI: Feast at Herdholt and the Loss of Kjartan's Sword, A.D. 1002
Chapter XLVII: Kjartan goes to Laugar, and of the Bargain for Tongue, A.D. 1003
Chapter XLVIII: The Men of Laugar and Gudrun plan an Ambush for Kjartan, A.D. 1003
Chapter XLIX: The Death of Kjartan
Chapter L: The End of Hrefna. The Peace Settled, A.D. 1003
Chapter LI: Osvif's Sons are Banished
Chapter LII: The Killing of Thorkell of Goat-Peaks
Chapter LIII: Thorgerd's Egging, A.D. 1006
Chapter LIV: Halldor prepares to avenge Kjartan
Chapter LV: The Death of Bolli
Chapter LVI: Bolli Bollison is born, A.D. 1006-7
Chapter LVII: About Thorgils Hallason, A.D. 1018
Chapter LVIII: Thorkell and Grim, and their Voyage Abroad
Chapter LIX: Gudrun demands Revenge for Bolli, A.D. 1019
Chapter LX: The Egging of Gudrun
Chapter LXI: Of Thorstein the Black and Lambi
Chapter LXII: Thorgils and his Followers leave Home
Chapter LXIII: The Description of his Enemies brought to Helgi
Chapter LXIV: The Death of Helgi, A.D. 1019
Chapter LXV: Of Gudrun's Deceit
Chapter LXVI: Osvif and Gest die
Chapter LXVII: The Death of Thorgils Hallason, A.D. 1020
Chapter LXVIII: Gudrun's Marriage with Thorkell Eyjolfson
Chapter LXIX: The Quarrel about Gunnar at the Feast
Chapter LXX: Thorleik goes to Norway
Chapter LXXI: The Peace between the Sons of Bolli and the Sons of Olaf, A.D. 1026
Chapter LXXII: Bolli and Thorleik go abroad, A.D. 1027
Chapter LXXIII: Bolli's Voyage
Chapter LXXIV: Thorkell Eyjolfson goes to Norway
Chapter LXXV: Thorkell and Thorstein and Halldor Olafson, A.D. 1026
Chapter LXXVI: The Drowning of Thorkell, A.D. 1026
Chapter LXXVII: Return of Bolli, A.D. 1030
Chapter LXXVIII: The Death of Snorri, and the End, A.D. 1030