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Legends and Romances of Spain

By Lewis Spence


Title Page
I. The Source of Spanish Romance
II. The "Cantares de Gesta" and the "Poema del Cid"
III. "Amadis de Gaul"
IV. The Sequels to "Amadis de Gaul"
V. The Palmerin Romances
VI. Catalonian Romances
VII. Roderic, Last of the Goths
VIII. "Calaynos the Moor" "Gayferos" and "Count Alarcos"
IX. The Romanceros, or Ballads
X. The Romanceros, or Ballads (Continued)
XI. Moorish Romances of Spain
XII. Tales of Spanish Magic and Sorcery
XIII. Humorous Romances of Spain.