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Life and Its Mysteries

by Frank L. Hammer


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This is a short collection of articles by a WWII-era US author who appears to have been influenced by New Thought, and to a lesser extent, Theosophy. He offers plain answers, without any metaphysical jargon, to the 'big' questions, including "Where do animals go when they die?". So far not much seems to available online about Frank L. Hammer, particularly biographical: perhaps a reader can supply some information. All of his books have been out of print for years, although there seem to be plenty of used copies available. Hammer wrote another book, An Eternal Career, [1947] also available online at this site.

Title Page
I. Birth
II. Mind
III. Thought
IV. Telepathy
V. Truth
VI. Free Will
VII. Miracles
VIII. Equality
IX. Affinity
X. Individuality
XI. Reality
XI. Immortality
XIII. Future Life of Animals
XIV. Questions and Answers
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