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Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, John William Waterhouse  [1909] (Public Domain Image)

What All the World's A-Seeking

by Ralph Waldo Trine


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This short book by Ralph Waldo Trine stands out in the huge body of New Thought literature for several reasons. First of all, he uses the phrase 'A Science of Mind' nearly two decades before the Ernest Holmes book of the same title. Second, and much more importantly, is the stress he places on service and compassion, not only to humanity, but to also animals, in fact, all sentient or conscious beings. This, of course, echoes Buddhist sentiments. It also addresses one objection which often comes up in discussions of New Thought: if we create the universe with our own minds, why should we care about others? Trine clearly states that an ability to care for others is central to being able to access one's inner power. Lastly, he says plainly that the best way to achieve this is by 'silence.' Where others waltz around the issue of how to develop mental powers, Trine offers a powerful and simple technique to do so, what we today call meditation.

This thought-provoking book, which can be read in one sitting, is a perennial classic of this genre.

Title Page and Front Matter
Part I. The Principle
Part II. The Application
Part III. The Unfoldment
Part IV. The Awakening
Part V. The Incoming
Part VI. Character-Building Thought Power
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