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Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

by Walter Scott


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This is a series of essays by Sir Walter Scott on the subject of the witch-craze, demonology, and other occult topics. It is an early review of the literature that others such as Murray would be analyzing in the next century. Scott has an antiquarian mind, and obviously relishes exposing the reader to the grotesque and the unusual.

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Raymond Buckland writes:

I was perusing the pages at and read that Scott's "Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft" was published by John Murray in "Murray's Family Library." I wondered where this came from. I have a first edition copy of Scott's book and it is No. XI in HARPER'S Family Library. I also have a first edition of the later (1832) "Brewster's Letters on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott," No. L in the series. There is no mention on either book of a Murray's Family Library.

Since this text was not scanned at sacred-texts, I'm not sure how this came about. Possibly a reader can clear this up. - J.B. Hare