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II. But Cain dwelt in the earth trembling,
Cf. Gen. 4:14
according as God appointed unto him after he slew Abel his brother; and the name of his wife was Themech.

2. And Cain knew Themech his wife and she
Gen. 4:17
conceived and bare Enoch.

3. 1 Now Cain was 15 years old when he did these things; and from that time he began to build cities, until he had founded seven cities. And these are
Gen. 4:17
the names of the cities: The name of the first city according to the name of his son Enoch. The name of the second city Mauli, and of the third Leeth, and the name of the fourth Teze,

p. 78

and the name of the fifth Iesca; the name of the sixth Celeth, and the name of the seventh Iebbath.

4. And Cain lived after he begat Enoch 715 years and begat 3 sons and 2 daughters. And these are the names of his sons: Olad, Lizaph, Fosal; and of his daughters, Citha and Maac. And all the days of Cain were 730 years, and he died.

5. 1 Then took Enoch a wife of the daughters of Seth, which bare him Ciram and Cuuth and Madab. But Ciram begat Matusael, and Matusael begat Lamech.

Gen. 4:19
6. But Lamech took unto himself two wives: the name of the one was Ada and the name of the other Sella. 7. And Ada bare him Iobab: he was the father of all that dwell in tents and herd flocks.
Gen. 4:21
And again she bare him Iobal, which was the first to teach all playing of instruments (lit. every psalm of organs). 8. 2 And at that time, when they that dwelt on the earth had begun to do evil, every one with his neighbour's wife, defiling them, God was angry. And he began to play upon the lute (kinnor) and the harp and on every instrument of sweet psalmody (lit. psaltery), and to corrupt the earth.

Gen. 4:22
9. But Sella bare Tubal and Misa and Theffa, and this is that Tubal which showed unto men arts in lead and tin and iron and copper and silver and gold: and then began the inhabiters of the earth to make graven images and to worship them.

10. 3 Now Lamech said unto his two wives Ada 

p. 79

and Sella: Hear my voice, ye wives of Lamech, give heed to my precept: for I have corrupted men for myself, and have taken away sucklings from the breasts, that I might show my sons how to work evil, and the inhabiters of the earth. And now shall vengeance be taken seven times of Cain, but of Lamech seventy times seven.


77:1 II. 3. The names of Cain's cities, except the first, do not occur elsewhere.

78:1 5. Jerahmeel says that Enoch, son of Cain, took Niba, daughter of Shem, to wife. His source is unknown to me.

78:2 8. See the Appendix on Readings.

78:3 10. Jubilees does not speak of this Lamech. The turn p. 79 here given to his "song" suggests that his offence was against morality; this view is found elsewhere.

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