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LIV. And in those days the Philistines assembled
1 Sam. 4:1-3
their camp to fight against Israel, and the children of Israel went out to fight with them. And when the people of Israel had been put to flight in the first battle, they said: Let us bring up the ark of the covenant of the Lord, peradventure it Will fight with us, because in it are the testimonies of the Lord which he ordained unto our fathers in Oreb. 2. And as the ark went up with
1 Sam. 4:5, 4:6
them, when it was come into the camp, the Lord thundered and said: This time shall be likened unto that which was in the wilderness, when they took the ark without my commandment, and destruction befel them. So also, at this time, shall the people fall, and the ark shall be taken, that I may punish the adversaries of my people because of the ark, and rebuke my people because they have sinned.

3. And when the ark was come into the battle,
1 Sam. 4:10
the Philistines went forth to meet the children of Israel, and smote them. And there was there a certain Golia 1, a Philistine, which came even unto the ark, and Ophni and Phinees the sons of Heli

p. 224

and Saul the son of Cis held the ark. And Golia took it with his left hand and slew Ophni and Phinees. 4. But Saul, because he was light on his feet, fled from before him; and he rent his clothes, Sam.
1 Sam. 4:12
and put ashes on his head, and came unto Heli the priest. And Heli said unto him: Tell me
1 Sam. 4:16
what hath befallen in the camp? And Saul said unto him: Why askest thou me these things? for the people is overcome, and God hath forsaken
1 Sam. 4:17
Israel. Yea, and the priests also are slain with the sword, and the ark is delivered unto the
1 Sam. 4:18
Philistines. 5. And when Heli heard of the taking of the ark, he said: Behold, Samuel prophesied of me and my sons that we should die together, but the ark he named not unto me. And now the testimonies are delivered up unto the enemy, and what can I more say? Behold, Israel is perished from the truth, for the judgements are taken away from him. And because Heli despaired wholly, he fell off from his seat. And they died in one day, even Heli and Ophni and Phinees his sons.

6. And Heli's son's wife sat and travailed; and when she heard these things, all her bowels were
melted. And the midwife said unto her: Be of good cheer, neither let thy soul faint, for a son is born to thee. And she said to her: Lo now is one soul born and we four die, that is, my father
and his two sons and his daughter-in-law. And she called his name, Where is the glory? saying: The glory of God is perished in Israel because the ark of the Lord is taken captive. And when she had thus said she gave up the ghost.


223:1 LIV. 3. That Goliath was the slayer of Eli's sons, and that Saul brought the tidings to Eli, is also said in the Targum on Samuel and in the Midrash Samuel (Cohn).

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