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LXV. And the Philistines fought against Israel.
1 Sam. 31:1
And Saul went out to battle. And Israel fled 

p. 242

before the Philistines: and when Saul saw that the
1 Sam. 31:3
battle waxed hard exceedingly, he said in his heart: Wherefore strengthenest thou thyself to live, seeing, Samuel hath proclaimed death unto
1 Sam. 3:14
thee and to thy sons? 1 2. And Saul said to him that bare his armour: Take thy sword and slay me before the Philistines come and abuse me. And he that bare his armour would not lay hands upon him. 3. And he himself bowed upon his sword, and he could not die. And he looked behind him and saw
2 Sam. 1:7
a man running and called unto him and said: Take my sword and slay me. For my life is yet in me. 4. And he came to slay him. And Saul said unto him: Before thou kill me, tell me, who art thou? And he said unto him: I am Edab, the son of Agag king of the Amalechites. And Saul said: Behold, now the words of Samuel are come upon me even as he said: He that shall be born of Agag shall be an offence unto thee. 5. But go thou and say unto David: I have slain thine enemy. And thou shalt say unto him: Thus saith Saul: Be not mindful of my hatred, neither of mine unrighteousness. . . .


242:1 LXV. According to the Quaest. Hebr. in loc., the armour bearer of Saul was Doeg, and the man who killed Saul the son of Doeg.