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The important edition of the Ethiopic text by Charles has already been referred to, as well as his English translation of the Book with Introduction and Notes (1902). This translation has also been reprinted (with an Introduction and Notes) in the Oxford Corpus (vol. ii. Pseudepigrapha, 1913) and is reproduced in the pages that follow.

The most recent, and in many respects the most important, discussion of Jubilees is contained in Leszynsky's Die Sadduzäer (Berlin, 1912), pp. 179-236. Leszynsky's arguments have been referred to fully above. Kohler's article in JE, vol. vii. ("Jubilees Book of") is interesting and useful. Of earlier works the following are important:

Jellinek, Ueber das Büch der Jubiläen (1855);

Beer, Das Büch der Jubiläen und sein Verhältniss zu den Midraschim, (Leipzig, 18,56); also Noch ein Wort über das Bitch der Jubiläen (1857)

Frankel in Monatsschrift (1856);

Singer, Das Büch der Jubiläen oder die Leptogenesis (Stuhlweissenburg, 1898).

There is a good discussion in Schürer GJV., iii. 371-384, with full Bibliography.

(At this point the page numbers shift directly from Roman to Arabic numerals, rather than restarting at page I as is the normal practice. Hence, p. 34 follows p. xxxiii--JBH.)

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