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He testifies his desire to see, and his hopes of suffering for Christ, 5 which he earnestly entreats them not to prevent, 10 but to pray for him, that God would strengthen him to the combat.

IGNATIUS,  8 who is also called Theophorus, to the church which has obtained mercy  9 from the majesty of the Most High Father, and his only  10 begotten Son Jesus Christ; beloved, and

p. 179

illuminated  1 through the will of who willeth all things which are according to the love of Jesus Christ our  2 God which also presides in the  3 place of the region of the Romans; and which  4 I salute in the name of Jesus Christ ( 5 as being) united both in flesh and spirit to all his commands, and  6 filled with the grace of God;  7 (all joy) in Jesus Christ our God.

2  8 Forasmuch as I have at last  9 obtained through my prayers to God, to see your  10 faces,  11 which I much desired to do; being bound in Jesus Christ, I hope ere long to salute you, if it shall be the will  12 of God to grant me to attain unto the end I long for.

3 For the beginning is well disposed, if I shall but have grace, without hindrance, to receive  13 what is appointed for me.

4 But I fear your love, lest it do me an injury. For it is easy for you to do what you please; but it  14 will be hard for me to attain unto God, if you spare me.

5 But I  15 would not that ye should please men, but God  16 whom also ye do please. For neither shall I hereafter have such an opportunity  17 of going unto God; nor will you if ye shall now be silent, ever be entitled to a better work. For if you shall be silent  18 in my behalf, I shall be made partaker of God.

6 But if you shall love my  19 body, I shall have my course again to run. Wherefore ye cannot do me a greater kindness, than to suffer me to be sacrificed unto God, now that the altar is already prepared:

7 That  20 when ye shall be gathered together in love, ye may  21 give thanks to the Father through Christ Jesus; that he has vouchsafed  22 to bring a bishop of Syria unto you, being called from the east unto the west.

8 For it is good for me to set from the world, unto God; that I may rise again unto him.

9 Ye have never envied any one; ye have taught other. I would therefore that ye  23 should now do those things yourselves, which in your instructions you have  24 prescribed to others.

10 Only pray for me, that God would give me both inward and outward strength, that I may not only say, but will; nor be only called a Christian, but be found one.

11 For if I shall be found a Christian, I may then deservedly be called one; and be thought faithful, when I shall no longer appear to the world.

12 Nothing is  25 good, that is seen.

p. 180

13 For even our God, Jesus Christ, now that he is in the Father, does so much the more appear.

14 A Christian is not a work of  1 opinion; but of greatness of mind, ( 2 especially when he is hated by the world.)


Expresses his great desire and determination to suffer martyrdom.

I WRITE to the churches, and  3 signify to them all, that am willing to die for God, unless  4 hinder me.

2 I beseech you that you  5 shew not an unseasonable good will towards me. Suffer me to be food to the wild beasts; by whom I shall attain unto God.

3 For I am the wheat of God; and I shall be ground by the teeth of the wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread  6 of Christ.

4 Rather  7 encourage the beasts, that they may become my sepulchre; and may leave nothing of my body; that being dead I mazy not be troublesome to any.

5 Then shall I be truly the disciple of Jesus Christ, when the world shall not see so much as my body, Pray therefore unto Christ for me, that by these instruments I may be made the sacrifice  8 of God.

6 I do not, as Peter and Paul, command you. They were Apostles, I a condemned man; they were free, but I am even to this day a servant:

7 But if I shall suffer, I shall then become the freeman of Jesus Christ, and shall rise  9 free. And now, being in bonds, I learn, not to desire  10 anything.

8 From Syria even unto Rome, I fight with beasts both by sea and land; both night and day: being bound to ten leopards, that is to say, to such a band of soldiers; who, though treated with all manner of kindness, are the worse for it.

9 But I am the more instructed by their injuries;  11 yet am I not therefore justified.

10 May I enjoy the wild beasts that are prepared for me; which also I wish may  12 exercise all their fierceness upon me.

11 And whom for that end I will  13 encourage, that they may be sure to devour me, and not serve me as they have done some, whom out of fear they have not touched. But, and if they will not do it willingly, I will provoke them to it.

12 Pardon me in this matter; I know what is profitable for me. Now I begin to  14 be a disciple. Nor  15 shall anything move me, whether visible or invisible, that I may attain to Jesus Christ.

13 Let fire, and the cross; let the  16 companies of wild beasts;  17 let breakings of bones and tearing of members; let the  18 shattering in pieces of the whole body, and all the wicked  19 torments of the devil come upon me; only let  20 me enjoy Jesus Christ.

p. 181

14 All the  1 ends of the world, and the kingdoms  2 of it, will profit me nothing: I would rather die  3 for Jesus Christ, than rule to the utmost ends of the earth.  4 Him I seek who died for us; him I desire, that rose again for us. This is the  5 gain that is laid up for me.

15 Pardon me, my brethren, ye shall not hinder me from living.  6 Nor seeing I desire to go to God, may you separate me from him, for the sake of this world; nor reduce me by any of the  7 desires of it. Suffer me to  8 enter into pure light: Where being come, I shall be indeed the  9 servant of  10 God.

16 Permit me to imitate the passion of my God. If any one has him within himself, let him consider what I desire; and let him have compassion on me, as knowing  11 how I am straightened.


Further expresses his desire to suffer.

THE prince of this world would fain carry me away, and corrupt  12 my resolution towards my God. Let none of you  13 therefore help  14 him: Rather do ye join with me, that is, with God.

2 Do not speak with Jesus Christ, and yet covet the world. Let not any envy dwell with you; No not though I myself when I shall be come unto you, should exhort you to it, yet do not ye hearken to me; but rather believe what I now write to you.

3 For though I am alive, at the writing this, yet my desire is to die. My love is crucified;  15 (and the  16 fire that is within me does not desire any water; but being alive and  17 springing within me, says,) Come to the Father.

4 I take no pleasure in the food of corruption, nor in the pleasures of this life.

5 I desire the bread of God  18 which is the flesh of Jesus Christ, ( 19 of the seed of David; and the drink that I long for) is his blood, which is incorruptible love. 20

6 I have no desire to live any longer after the manner of men,  21 neither shall I, if you consent. Be ye therefore willing, that ye yourselves also may be  22 pleasing to God. I  23 exhort you  24 in a few words; I pray you believe me.

7 Jesus Christ will shew you that I speak truly. My mouth is without deceit, and the Father hath truly spoken  25 by it. Pray therefore for me, that I may accomplish what I desire.

8 I have not written to you after the flesh, but according to the will of God. If I shall suffer,  26 ye have loved me; but if I

p. 182

shall be rejected,  1 ye have hated me.

9 Remember in your prayers the church of Syria, which now enjoys God for its shepherd instead of me:  2 Let Jesus Christ only  3 oversee it, and your charity.

10 But I am even ashamed to be reckoned as one of them: For neither am I worthy, being the least among them, and as one  4 born out of due season. But through mercy I have obtained to be somebody, if I shall get unto God.

11 My spirit salutes you; and the charity of the churches that have received me in the name of Jesus Christ; not as a passenger. For even they that were not near to me in the way, have gone before me to the next city to meet me.

12 These things I write to you from Smyrna, by the most worthy of the church of Ephesus.

13 There is now with me, together with many others, Crocus, most beloved of me. As for those which are  5 come from Syria, and are gone before me to Rome, to the glory of God, I suppose you are not ignorant of them.

14 Ye shall therefore signify to them, that I draw near, for they are all worthy both of God and of you: Whom it is fit that you refresh in all things.

15 This have I written to you, the day before the ninth of the calends of September.  6 Be strong unto the end, in the patience of Jesus Christ.  7

To the Romans.


178:1 Plants.

178:2 I.e. The delegates of the church.

178:3 The concord of you.

178:4 Be a testimony among you, writing.

178:5 Them.

178:6 Undivided.

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178:9 In.

178:10 Omitted, Gr.

179:1 In.

179:2 God; which also presides in the place of the region of the Romans, worthy of God; most decent, most blessed, most praised, most worthy to obtain what it desires; most pure, most charitable, called by the name of Christ and the Father; Gr.

179:3 Type of the chorus, i.e., the church of the Romans. See Voss. Annot. in loc.

179:4 Also.

179:5 The Son of the Father; to those who are—Gr.

179:6 Wholly filled. Gr.

179:7 (Being absolutely separated from any other colour; much pure, or immaculate joy.)

179:8 Gr.

179:9 Vid. Voss. Annot. in loc.

179:10 Worthy of God.

179:11 And have received even more than I asked, being bound.

179:12 Gr.

179:13 My lot.

179:14 Is.

179:15 I will not please you as men. Gr.

179:16 As.

179:17 Attaining unto.

179:18 From me.

179:19 Flesh.

179:20 Being become a chorus.

179:21 Sing.

179:22 That a bishop of Syria should be found.

179:23 That those things also should be firm.

179:24 Commanded. Vid. Annot. Userii in loc. N. 26, 27.

179:25 Nothing that is seen is eternal: for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal. Gr.

180:1 Persuasion, or silence. Gr.

180:2 (Desunt, Gr.)

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180:4 Forbid me.

180:5 Be not.

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180:7 Flatter.

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180:9 Free in him. Gr.

180:10 Any worldly or vain things. Gr.

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180:16 Force, or rage.

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180:20 That I may enjoy.

181:1 Gr. Pleasures.

181:2 Of this age.

181:3 Gr. unto.

181:4 For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul. Gr. Add.

181:5 Usury. Gr. Via. Voss. Correct. p. 301.

181:6 Nor desire that I should die, who seek to go to God, rejoice not in the world. Gr.

181:7 By matter.

181:8 Take: have hold on.

181:9 Man.

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181:11 What things constrain me.

181:12 Mind: will.

181:13 Who are present.

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181:15 (And there is not any fire within me that loves matter, but living and speaking water saying within me. Gr.)

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181:18 The heavenly bread which is. Gr.

181:19 (The Son of God made in these last times of the seed of David and Abraham, and the drink of God that I long for. Gr.).

181:20 Gr. Adds, and perpetual life.

181:21 And that, shall he.

181:22 Willed.

181:23 Vid. Annot. Voss. in loc.

181:24 By a short letter.

181:25 In.

181:26 Ye have willed it.

182:1 Viz. as unworthy to suffer.

182:2 Vid. Vet. Interp. Lat.

182:3 Shall oversee it.

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182:5 Vid Vet. Intern. Lat.

182:6 That is the xxxiiid of August. Gr.

182:7 Amen. Gr.

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